Review of Vizio P series (P50-C1, P55-C1, P65-C1, P75-C1)

Manufacturer Vizio really actively comes 4K TVs on the market after the successful launch in 2014, releasing the cheapest 4K UHD TVs P-series with superb specifications. At the time of pricing baffled manufacturers.

Since then, they have released a few new series of 4K TVs, and even entered the ultra-premium segment of devices for home entertainment at the end of 2015. From the past we remember TV model with a 65 inch diagonal, which sells for about $ 6000, but there was also another 120-inch monster that has a price almost house.

Review of Vizio P series

Vizio P series (2016)
Vizio P series (2016)

Starting from 2016, the Vizio P series returned to the market in an updated design and include many of the latest technologies, but at a much more reasonable price. This means that in 2016 TV Vizio P-series will be more than just good TV and good price.

Unlike their cousins in 2014 and 2015 4K TV M-series, since the beginning of 2016 P-series is a brand new TV at a very attractive price. The specification added HDR standard, different colors, a fantastic contrast and enhanced 4K smart TV interface. Vizio took up the development of the P-series to a new level. As a result, television is becoming more expensive, but still able to compete on price with other manufacturers.


The first thing that pleases, since the beginning of 2016 P-Series (Vizio P50-C1, Vizio P55-C1, Vizio P65-C1, Vizio P75-C1) manufacturer began to apply an innovative approach to the management of smart TV. Rather than use a standard management approach through an advanced control panel, the new version is used Full HD tablet, it comes with a TV. This is a fairly radical approach to the management of the current 4K TV market.

For the main control will no longer be a separate window on the screen. With Vizio SmartCast applications on the tablet screen displays a copy of the TV screen. In addition, through a similar application you can operate the TV through a regular computer. According to the manufacturer, this approach should significantly simplify the management of all. However, the entire 4K content will not be transmitted to an external device, only the necessary command via Ethernet connection or external media data from external devices.

Vizio SmartCast
Vizio SmartCast

Next time. Visually, the picture quality of the TV Vizio HDR P-Series increased. Starting with the 55-inch models, all using 10-bit color palette, a good contrast, a beautiful black color and excellent local dimming the screen matrix. This function is assigned to the "Active LED zones", which was the P-Series base.

But the number of zones depends on the screen size. HDR specification corresponds LCD Alliance Ultra HD Premium certification. We assume that this TV can compete with Sony X850D (review here), which is certified by the UHD Alliance!


Furthermore, the new P-Series appeared control function by means of movement. This applied in 2015 to manufacturer Sony LCD 4K TV, Vizio is now competes at this point, with the price lower.

Finally, we see the magnificent design of the updated TV. Vizio tried backlit matrix. Applying the technology of full massive blackout (full-array LED backlighting), that TV with the price category is progress.

Samsung, Sony, LG and other monsters such technologies are introduced only in the flagship model. Vizio has succeeded - in all models of P-Series with screen sizes ranging from 55 inches is already there. This means only one thing, Sony or Samsung TVs are on a par with Vizio TVs in 2016.

After listing all the positive aspects of television in 2016 Vizio P-Series, it is worth considering the price. All the benefits, as always, in the price. Of course, pricing can not be compared to the distant year of 2014, but look at what price you can buy a TV Vizio P-Series in 2016.

The smallest model with a diagonal of 50 can be purchased for $ 999, and the largest model, which has 75-inch screen diagonal is now $ 3799. Recall that this TV Vizio P50-C1, Vizio P55-C1, Vizio P65-C1, Vizio P75-C1 with the full support of the HDR, 10-bit color depth with a resolution backlight technology (depends on the diagonal of the screen) while the minimum version It used 126 zone system blackout. Features and overall picture quality is quite untrue. Four different patterns are measured as follows:

  • Vizio P50-C1 50 inches $ 999
  • Vizio P55-C1 55-inch $ 1,299
  • Vizio P65-C1 65-inch $ 1,999
  • Vizio P75-C1 75 inches $ 3799


For all its positive qualities P-Series has little flaws. But this is not any grounds to abandon the purchase, especially at such a tremendous value TV. To begin with, we note that the included SmartCast tablet to control your TV has some bugs.


This is mainly a problem with the wireless connection failure between the TV and the tablet, or delayed reaction to the team, while trying to re-connect the tablet to the TV. It is worth noting that these bugs may randomly change the settings of the TV, with the user and does not intend to do so.

You can suddenly increase the volume and so on. Hopefully, the manufacturer will be able to eliminate these problems in the near future, perhaps with the help of the firmware update the tablet. In short, a bunch of Vizio TV and tablet SmartCast user may disappoint.


There is some criticism of the TV P-Series in the zoom function. This function works perfectly with "input" content Full HD, and even tries to present to the audience the good quality with no HDR 4K content. If the original 480p or 720p video ... is better not to speak. blur is observed for 480p content.

Another problem - it is the absence of P-Series 3D image technologies (3D video support). But as far as we know, the majority of manufacturers trying to "escape" in 2016 by this specification. And naturally processed content for 3D play little. Note that a 3D like P-Series 2016 Samsung SUHD TV absent.


Finally we come to the problem of the viewing angle of the screen of the TV. The Vizio P-Series HDR 4K TV is a weak point. Like rival Samsung SUHD TV, TV Vizio P-series (except for the 55 inch model, which uses IPS matrix) used a VA panel instead of IPS.

As a result, the maximum deviation from the center of the screen angle is not more than 60 degrees, while still retained color and contrast of the image. The TV Vizio P55-C1 with 55 inch IPS matrix is used, while there is a reduced contrast ratio, but the viewing angle is greater.


It should be noted that the Vizio P-Series offers a somewhat weaker color gamut coverage of DCI-P3. 10-bit color palette at the stated performance of the TV can mess that we have already noticed in Samsung SUHD and Sony HDR since the beginning of 2016.


To summarize the review Vizio P-Series TV 2016. Televisions Vizio P50-C1, Vizio P55-C1, Vizio P65-C1, Vizio P75-C1, as a whole, the best at the moment in terms of price and quality. Of course, these TVs can not be compared with the OLED 4K TV models, but all indicators are very close to the models from manufacturers such as Samsung or Sony. Manufacturer Visio, indeed, tried all their models closer to global brands, and the presence of HDR specification, and the final price of deserved attention. About HDR video parameters here.

Specifications Vizio P series

  • Available diagonal screens: 50, 54.5, 64.5 and 75 inches.
  •  Smart TV platform: based on the Vizio SmartCast Mobile Smart TV applications.
  • HEVC specification (H.265).
  • vp9 Specification and VP8.
  • HDR support with Dolby Vision and HDR10 (will be available after a software update of the TV).
  • HD scaling up UHD.
  • Compatible HDCP 2.2.
  • Screen refresh rate of 120 Hz in native mode (function Clear Action 480 is available in 50-inch models).
  • Refresh Rate 240 Hz Clear Action 960 function in models with 55, 65 and 75 inch screens.
  • Display Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels UHD.
  • Wireless connection via built-in Wi-Fi adapter, Ethernet RJ-45 port.
  • Management: Android tablet via SmartCast service, small key remote control.
  • External connections: five HDMI 2.0 ports (upgraded to HDMI 2.0a), two USB ports, Ethernet port, optical digital audio output, component input, one RCA audio output.
  • Sound System 2 x 20 W with DTS Studio Sound.
  • Contrast 5694: 1.
  • The maximum black level of 0,018 cd / m2.
  • 3D technology available.
  • Weight of TV with stand:
  • P50-C1 50 inches 32,85 lbs.
  • P55-C1 55 inches 41,01 lbs.
  • P65-C1 65 inches 62,39 lbs.
  • P75-C1 75 inches 103,62 lbs.
  • 4-core processor.

Results of the review Vizio P series

At the conclusion of the review of the TV Vizio P-Series 2016 (Vizio P50-C1, Vizio P55-C1, Vizio P65-C1, Vizio P75-C1), we note that in the review were made some negative aspects, but they are so small that they can not push the potential buyer. In the entire range of different characteristics.


Only models with 55 inch IPS screen is represented by a matrix, which has a small viewing angle. All TVs no 3D technology. This is a necessary requirement - that will pass by the TV. The control unit, in the form of a tablet SmartCast can sometimes fail.

Positive reviews


• Excellent quality of HRD.

• Excellent contrast.

• Operating System Vizio SmartCast Mobile Smart TV.

• The tablet to control your TV set.

• The incredible black levels.

• Excellent color characteristics.

• Perfectly processed high-motion scenes on the screen.


Negative reviews


• No 3D format.

• Gentle angle viewing screen.

• The peak brightness of the image could be higher.

• SmartCast Remote control may fail.