TCL L50C1US review: 4K-TV for the PlayStation 4 Pro


During the presentation of PlayStation 4 Pro is very much spoken about support for new games 4K-resolution and high dynamic range. But that's about the TV did not mention. And if you want to taste all the delights of the updated Sony console, it will invest more in the purchase of an appropriate "box". Practice shows that in 2017 it will not be a problem.

Active sales of 4K-TVs, if my memory serves me, began in 2013. It is clear that at the very beginning is to buy a device able / allowed units. "Boxes" pricey, but the lack of appropriate quality content called into question the very idea. At the end of 2016 we can safely say about the beginning of the era of Ultra HD. There was a lot of video. Even smart phones and video recording in 4K. Finally, they presented their updated Sony and Microsoft game consoles.

In 2016, a resolution Ultra HD added another "trick". Modern models support technology HDR (high dynamic range), realized through the use of so-called quantum dots (Quantum Dots). This light gives a very deep blue, green and red colors. As a result, the color gamut may be 30% wider than standard assumes Rec. 709. HDR - is, in turn, is non-trivial processing algorithm metadata set. It stores picture settings for their reproduction instruction. As a result, 75% of the display shows colors that the human eye can perceive.


The company TCL widespread in the Russian market. In the end, the company introduced a range of 2017. On sale you can find a curved (right - concave) C1CUS series and classics - a flat line C1US. However, while it includes only one 50-inch model TCL L50C1US. It and consider.

Specifications, design, remote control

To begin with, take the TV with a resolution of 3840h2160 pixels makes sense for sufficiently large diagonal. 50 inches to fit into the "adequacy".

Diagonal, resolution: 50-inch, 3840h2160 points

Support for HDR: Yes

Smart TV: Android TV 5.1.1

TV tuner: DVB-T, DVB-T2

Sound: 2x 8 watts



2x USB

1x component

1x audio out

1x S / PDIF

1x D-Sub

1x RJ-45

1x antenna

1x CI

Dimensions (with stand) Weight: 1235x758x284 mm, 24.6 kg

TCL L50C1US pleasing appearance. In the TV rather thin frame and tiny feet. As a result, 25-pound "box" seems to be very easy. There is a kind of design "trick": on the sides used silver bezel, the top and bottom - black. Generally matrix is fixed in a metal case. But the control logic, power and dynamics are placed in plastic compartments. As a result, the thickness of the TCL L50C1US is 59 mm, although the screen is not thicker than a smartphone.

Power supply - integrated. Interfaces are separated into two compartments. At the end of the logical settled three ports HDMI. All support source connection with 4K resolution and 60 Hz. There soldered two USB-ports. A second revision with a current of 0.5 A, the second - the third version and 0.9 A, respectively. External hard drives are determined and work without any problems. Just looking ahead: TV can record a video stream on the USB-drive.

Built-in Wi-Fi module supports the Bluetooth communication standard. It is useful for connecting wireless peripherals. Or soundbar, for example.

The control panel is large and conspicuous. Hero of the movie "Snatch" Boris "Razor" Yurinova sure would have liked. Progress in small keys. Pressing tight, with characteristic muted sound. As for functionality, nothing remarkable "lazy" is not. Some remotes for TVs with Android TV equipped with a microphone. Or touch panel. Or touchpad.

Operating without remote control is carried out by 4-way controller. These are also used, for example, in televisions Samsung and  LG.

Smart TV functions and built-in player

Smart TV functions are implemented based on the Android 5.1.1 operating system (Lollipop). The manufacturer claims that the system uses a 16-core processor, but  it is, to put it mildly, not true. AIDA64 said control logic comprises two Cortex A53, the frequency of which varies in a range from 1100 MHz to 1400 MHz. Graphics - Mali-450. RAM 1.5 GB. Unusual "beast." In any event, stating: TCL L50C1US firmware works pretty fast. Applications run fast. Rollers 4K-quality reproduced in the same way. As befits Android TV, multitasking is attached.

Use the popular operating system - turn on the TV in a common ecosystem. Once TCL L50C1US will ask you to enter your Google ID. At the same time increases the functionality of your TV, and it adds the ability to install various applications from Play Market. Android TV independently "packs up" with sharpening software for TV. Download something incompatible not work. List of various utilities, including games, amazing.

By default, the user can use 5.3 GB of internal memory card. Replace drive or can not expand the scope.


Android TV supports connection to a variety of peripherals, from the keyboard to the gamepad. Yes, TCL L50C1US - this little platform game.

Resolution 4K operating system does not support. Those games are run in Full HD.

Without a keyboard or a gamepad to use the built-in Internet browser uncomfortable. But as yet another tool for the "production" of content it will fit perfectly.


The best part - it is, of course, omnivorous built-in player. I did not find a format that would not be replicated. Even the heavy containers television "reveals" a very, very quickly. This applies including music format flac.


Without a spoon of tar has not done. Cinema ivi, installed straight from the Play Market, work steadily declined. Reset and restart the TV did not produce the desired effect. Who is to blame and what to do - is unclear.

The image and sound

The TCL L50C1US uses a matrix of AU Optronics. In C1US used Samsung screens. Coating - glossy. So the glare on the screen there. When we are talking about TCL L50C1US - not just talking about HDR, but of DolbyVision standard. It calibrates the display for each frame. The palette, contrast, glow - all these parameters change ezhesekundo. Automatically detects the type of matrix and the TV adjusts its characteristics. Naturally, under all this business need relevant content.

Settings Image quality is not very much. From there harvested preset modes, "Cinema", "Standard", "Dynamic", "Natural" and "Personal". Testing was conducted in the first. Settings several quality: we can adjust gamma, and white balance.

In conclusion

TCL L50C1US left a very good impression, because we met for their low-performance device that supports not only 4K-resolution and high dynamic range. So TV is ideal for just released Sony PlayStation 4 Pro. Support Android TV shows high functionality TCL L50C1US. The user has a lot of software that they can install yourself. Perhaps the main advantage - it is truly omnivorous media player. By cons I'll take the average quality of the calibration device, but it is fixable.