TV LG OLED55E7V with OLED panel

New TV, as well as the entire range, from the beginning of the year using the updated LG Smart TV platform built on webOS 3.5. The LG, following the example of other manufacturers, threw support for 3D images in 2017, but it is no longer news. Model LG OLED55E7V has a 55 inch flat screen. The biggest diagonal in this series belongs to the model LG OLED65E7V, where the 65-inch panel is installed.


Since the beginning of this year, all LG TVs have supported Dolby Atmos function to automatically "tune" the soundtrack to an existing or connected (external) speaker. In this model, the more "advanced" the sound through the built-in slim soundbar.

Review LG E7 OLED

The range of TVs LG E7V

LG E7 TV series are Ultra HD 4K TV. They are located below the top series W7 and G7 and above series C7 and B7. Design and appearance is designed with the concept of "image on glass» ( 'picture-on-glass'), speaker (soundbar) is integrated into the TV set, a new kind of stand looks organically. Besides that LG 55E7V UHD is a model, it is possible to note the presence of the full support of different standards HDR - HDR 10, Dolby Vision, HLG and Technicolor HDR.


TV LG OLED55E7V design is made as a "picture on the glass." Previously, we have already seen this in the design of housing of last year's models, the E6 and the LG LG G6. In fact, ultra-thin OLED panel is attached to a glass substrate that gives style and more attractive design as a whole. If you remember last year's model, the E6 and LG make an analogy, the functionality when integrated with a TV soundbar from the beginning of 2017 is becoming more popular in LG products.


Unlike E6 then applied inclined stand for the soundbar. The manufacturer felt that this option to install the speaker system more rational, and create a gap between the TV and attached acoustics and the horizontal surface is preferable for the perception of sound. Compared with models E6 number of interfaces has not changed, and the main connections for external devices remained four HDMI ports. Model LG E7 perfectly mounted on the wall, if you need to.

LG-OLED55E7V design
LG-OLED55E7V design

All formats HDR

Unlike last year's LG OLED TVs all models of 2017 have the same basic set of features and hardware, based on a SoC processor. Therefore, the difference between the models this year, in fact, purely cosmetic. OLED E7V from LG is fully ready to play Ultra HD 4K standard supported by all known formats HDR: HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and new this year the Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and Advanced HDR by Technicolor.

Acoustic system

From this year, LG equips its TV system Dolby Atmos, which ultimately have a positive impact on the soundtrack. This function is to automatically adjust to the connected speaker system, whether it is built-in sound system or some external speakers.


Instead of the usual stereo speakers in the slim LG E7 set the soundbar. The exhibition demonstrated the technology of Dolby Labs, which is equipped with LG E7 OLED. This fairly broad sound stage was provided. Obviously, such an approach to a sound system capable of playing an exciting sound in conjunction with a multi-dimensional sound Dolby Atmos.


Acoustic LG 55E7V TV system is based on the scheme of CH 2.2 and provides an output power at 2 x 10 Watts. How can we assume, is set just a couple of broadband speakers. Perhaps there are tweeters (but not confirmed). Acoustics supports processing modes Dolby Atmos and DTS Decoder (DTS-HD).

Of the original sound effects applied OLED Surround extension. To connect and transfer audio content of mobile devices available Wireless Sound Sync function. In some sources reported that the total power of the audio system is 4 x 40 watts, including a 20-watt subwoofer LG OLED65E7V TV. But this information is subject to review and amendment.


As we previously refined, LG E7 does not support 3D playback. We assume that in the future we will generally omit this option when considering different models and update separately, if the model supports 3D.

Smart TV Platform

OLEDE7V model from LG is equipped with excellent control, which copes with the Smart TV control functions. The new platform has a handy search function of content, a variety of options, for example, Magic Zoom. It is fully prepared for the integration of VR (virtual reality). Earlier we cited resource UltraHD differences webOS versions. But the analogy, we could not find any outstanding changes in the new version.


As noted in earlier reviews, since the beginning of 2017 using the updated LG Smart TV platform based on webOS 3.5. From webOS 3.5 the latest innovations can be noted that this version is equipped with a «Security Manager» supplement developed by LG Electronics. This is carried out for the first time in software for the Smart TV TV.


Security Manager has received the certificate of information security. Besides enhanced management capabilities, "smart home", home automation systems, devices and their safety. The standard for the latest generation of voice control and content search «Voice Command» expanded their operation is possible via the «Magic Remote» Remote Control.


As for the picture, then at the time of this writing, it is impossible to confirm or deny the cavity according to the manufacturer specifications. Objectively assess what was available at the exhibition stands is not yet possible. The LG, of course, said the peak brightness is not lower than 1000 nits at the highest level in the manual mode, but the exact figure we can not tell yet.


The percentage of coverage of colors DCI-P3 and Rec.2020 about 99%, the black level is not declared at the moment. But LG has twisted the level of black as a little higher than last year's models. Playing "prepared" content on the screen E7 was great, but to settle on this should not be. Only after laboratory tests will be to develop a theme in more detail on the level of black, grayscale levels of contrast and brightness of the playback image HDR content.


In the area of external devices the TV LG OLED55E7V has a standard set of interfaces. Like the other models in this class, in the presence of a pair of USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0. Also, there are four HDMI 2.0 ports with support for ARC, CEC and the MHL, one AV composite and component input. The last in the form of 3.5 mm jacks with adapters in the form of cords. For external speaker system has an optical digital output.


In addition to the standard antenna input, you can see a satellite tuner input, configured as a connector F-type. To the Internet and your home network, you can connect through Ethernet RJ-45 port or wireless built-in Wi-Fi adapter, and after-sales service using the RS232 port.

Results of the review - LG E7 OLED

In conclusion E7V review from LG can be noted the high interest of potential buyers to the model. The main indicator is the presence of a variety of playable formats HDR content, which is equipped with this model: 10 HDR, Dolby Vision, HLG and Technicolor. This fact puts the considered series a unique product on the market 4K TV.


Thus, LG OLEDE7V is fully capable of swallowing any content. The advantages include: an updated version of webOS 3.5 and Dolby Atmos sound system support. Definitely, E7 from LG may be the most desirable model of OLED TV in 2017.