Review of the TV Loewe Connect 55 UHD

Considering another masterpiece from the German manufacturer Loewe, we will pay attention to the model of the TV Loewe Connect 55. As before in models Loewe Connect and Loewe Art 40 55 affects the quality and certainty of the final device. We have become accustomed 3840*2160 pixels screen resolution and a diagonal of 55 inches for this model.


The standard for this class of TV function "Picture in Picture", the ability to record to external USB storage device attaches great convenience in viewing two video sources at the same time or delayed programs. UHD mode for this "German" really like home. Superior image quality, the highest image detail - are all present in the TV Loewe Connect 55.


Easy connection of external audio and video media formats - the key to the success of Loewe. Good scaling of Full HD 1920*1080 pixels with up to Ultra HD 3840*2160 accomplished with a powerful processor.


Excellent sound and almost 5.1 80W total sound power allows the built-in decoder to amaze us with the sound quality. The audio system is supplemented interface Digital Audio Link and Dolby Digital support along with DTS.

Simultaneous recording

Regarding the need to write separately to mention that it is possible to use not only an external USB drive, and built-in TV Loewe Connect 55 hard drive up to 1TB. Simultaneous recording of multiple programs is also available.

Loewe Connect 55 review
Loewe Connect 55 review


Excellent TV menu allows you to schedule record on the required transmission media - which is very convenient. This function is called "Technology Loewe DR +".

Transferring of audio and video over the network

I would also like to point out (before this we did not mention) that is available for the transfer function of the audio and video content by means of the home network to any device, be it a mobile phone or standing in the next room television from Loewe Connect.

Unlike models Loewe Connect and Loewe Art 40 55 basic characteristics of the TV Loewe Connect 55 has not changed except for a diagonal of 55 inches, so they give here does not make sense. At the end of the pricing 3.400,00 € - 3.600,00 € and weight 29 kg model.

USER MANUAL For Loewe Connect 55 UHD

Loewe Connect 55 UHD - User Manual
Loewe Connect 55, Connect 48, Connect 40, Connect 32 DR+ - User Manual
Loewe Connect 55 UHD - User Manual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 9.7 MB