Sony KD-55XD8599 and its difference from the KD-55XD8577

We continue to consider a series of TVs Sony XD85. As is well known, it includes a model XD8505, XD8599 and XD8577. Features TVs are almost identical and differ in size diagonal screens included in each line. However, there are some differences found in various sources. The fact that Sony XD8577 consists of only one diagonal of 55, give reason to think about the difference between these TVs.

Sony KD-55XD8599
Sony KD-55XD8599

Sony XD8599 review

Try to understand and remember the TV review Sony KD-55XD8505, who was on the SmartTvManuals resource earlier.

Upscale TV Sony KD-55XD8599 fully consistent with UHD (4K) specification with support for HDR. While we do not argue that the price category of the TV is high compared to some of the flagship models from other manufacturers. Model XD8599, as XD8505, built on Android Smart TV platform, has a dual tuner Freeview and service Youview Catch-Up TV.


If you touch the line of class Sony XD85, then clearly he is one step below the flagship series XD93, but the appearance was an ultra-slim. If we remember the TV Sony KD-55XD9305 series XD93, then considered the line we will see a familiar screen size of 44 mm in thickness. The screen on the perimeter is surrounded by a thin black bezel with luminous in the bottom of the Sony logo. The model has a dark silver stand, which provides good stability. It allows you to hide all external wired connection.

Image quality

Models XD8599 and XD8577 supports HDR. From the flagship model XD9305 they differ in the backlight system matrix screen. Applied Triluminos display technology provides superior brightness and wide color gamut of the image, while the quality of shadow detail remains at a high level.

Besides the television impressive black levels and good viewing angles. HDR content allows you to enjoy the true quality if the source material is recorded in the HDR standard. Image Processing Sony 4K X-Reality PRO gives realism and improves texture, contrast and color boundary elements on the screen. She is also responsible for scaling not-4K sources.

The XD8599 model no lights advanced Sony Slim Backlight Drive. Instead, a matrix illumination from the bottom of the screen (edge-lit). LED lighting system uses a level of dynamic backlight control, but it does not give high quality in displaying a large amount of shadow detail, as in the flagship Sony TVs. On the other hand, the illumination system with a very low power consumption.

Dynamic scenes are handled XR technology of 1000 Hz MotionFlow. We would say that in general, this TV on its specifications look very good. Slightly reduced dynamic range, but you can see it only when it is located next to the XD93 to one window. Note also that the XD8505 does not support 3D image.

Audio system

For TV with such a price, we believe that Sony has equipped the highest possible acoustic KD55XD8599 system. S-Master amplifier outputs honestly 20W output power, acoustics, but found only two oblong speaker size 25 x 90 mm. The sound is directed down. The quality of television sound can be assessed as "average", why would save on the sound ... Of course, if the retrofit TV soundbar subwoofer or remote, you will feel the difference in a positive way.

Android TV and Hardware

As we know, Sony from the beginning of 2015 began to use the Android TV as the operating system. The operating system has now reached an acceptable level of stability and comfort. The TV was the time of release OS Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. At this point, the system is updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Details will not consider all the pros and cons of Android TV - we have already done many times in our reviews on the UltraHD.

In these models installed chipset SoC Mediatek MT5890 and the basic 2-core ARM Cortex-A17, GPU ARM Mali-T624, the TV memory is 16 GB of RAM.

Specifications 55XD8599

Screen size: 55-inch UHD lights LED-backlit.
Screen Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels.
Support for HDR.
Display Technology Edgelit Triluminos with dynamic lighting.
Image processing: 4K X-Reality PRO.
Contrast Image Processing: Advanced Contrast Enhancer.
Image of dynamics processing: Motionflow XR 1000 Hz (for XD8577 details vary).
Processing 24p True Cinema.
Dual Freeview HD and Freesat tuners the HD.
The operating system is Android 5.0 TV (updated to 6.0).
Audio system: Stereo speakers, preamplification S-Master, 2 x 10 watts.
Interfaces: Wi-Fi wireless adapter, Ethernet port (LAN), 4 x HDMI, the PC input via HDMI, 3 x USB, Hybrid headphone output and a subwoofer, the hybrid component (Y / Pb / Pr) / Composite (AV) input, digital audio output, an antenna RF input, Bluetooth support.
The remote control RMF-TX200E with voice commands.
Class Energy Saving: A.
Power consumption (depending on the line XDxx99 XDxx77): 103..157 Watts.
Dimensions with stand: 123,1 x 77,0 x 26,3 cm.


The entire line of TVs Sony XD85 provides the user with four HDMI interface, built-in Wi-Fi and port Ethernet RJ-45. In addition, three USB interface, subwoofer output, composite and component video input. The operating system is Android TV allows you to connect mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), which extends the management capabilities TV.

Twin Freeview HD tuner enables an external device connected to the USB port, recording and playback of 4K content. The control panel has a built-in microphone and enables voice control TV.

Sony KD-55XD8577 and Sony KD-55XD8599 differences

If you look at the comparison table TV, the difference in the specifications it is difficult to discern. Vertical refresh rate in XD8599 and XD8577 120 Hz. The treatment provides a dynamic scenes MotionFlow XR 100Hz technology, while for the model Sony KD-55XD8577 we found the value data on the use MotionFlow XR 800 Hz.

In this indicator, we are not completely sure. The XD8599 uses uniquely XR1000 Hz, as in the XD93 series. Therefore, the dynamics of the image in the Sony KD-55XD8599 TV will be better. In addition, the XD8577 available for the line is only one screen size of 55 inches.

Results of the review XD8599

In conclusion, the KD-55XD8599 review from Sony, we note that the presence of HDR support the specification in 2016 is the most prestigious desire, which is not cheap. Nevertheless, the marked price Sony KD-55XD8599 less than $ 1,500 making TV more affordable than the Sony KD-55XD9305. But the basic lighting system used in this model may be less impressive than the top models.

Sound can be assessed as "average". 3D option is also available. But overall a great UHD HDR TV for home entertainment. If you can not be biased, the model delivers superior image quality, has excellent possibilities of Smart TV platform, and is a prominent representative of the brand Sony. Who knows, maybe the TV Sony Bravia 55XD8599 become your desirable acquisition for the coming Christmas.