How to use Smart TV?

Most of modern TV anyway already contain any Smart TV function. Today we will talk about how to bring the TV online and enjoy Smart TV services - how to use a Smart TV? If you have not already - it's time to explore all the possibilities of your model.

1 Connecting the TV to the Internet

First of all, you need a TV network connection. There are two possible options: most models are already equipped with a built-in adapter Wi-Fi, but some low-TVs can be connected only to the usual mains cable. Accordingly, you will need to do one of the following steps:

How to use Smart TV?
How to use Smart TV?
  • Connect the network cable directly to the TV (or a router)
  • Set up a wireless connection to an access point Wi-Fi

These steps are usually accompanied by hints in the TV menu. Great difficulties arise should not - the process of connecting your TV to a network is no different from, say, connect a laptop or smart phone.

2 Smart TV Services

Now, when the TV is connected to the Internet, you can start to use the various services and Smart TV applications. These are the icons that are located in the smart TV's main menu:

Smart TV Services
Smart TV Services

3 What kinds of interactive applications?

Depending on the content, interactive applications are the following:

  • Built-in media player (for USB / DLNA playback)
  • Built-in DLNA-server / client
  • Built-in web browser
  • Clients popular social networks
  • Services "video on demand" (free or paid)
  • Services "after the ether" (television applications)
  • Customers services streaming video (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Music services (Internet radio, music libraries)
  • Topical application (fitness, sports, entertainment for children)
  • Cloud services (file storage)

As you can see, the "smart" TV contains a lot of entertainment applications, where you will find the movies and TV shows, music, games, or simply a means to visit social networking sites.

4 "Smart" control

Some models of "smart" TVs support alternative ways of management. For example, in recent years has spread function of voice search or gesture control. It uses built-in microphone and camera. If your TV model supports management processes - they can be activated in the menu, where you will also find tips on the use of reference, including - how to use Smart TV!