Insignia Roku TV 4K

Of course, 4K TV image quality for real connoisseurs is the main dream, but at the moment the pricing policy of these TV stops buyers. Initially planned joint development of Roku and TCL (the American TV producer) in the creation of the first 4K Roku TV, but that did not happen. Last information. Roku announced a new 4K UHD Roku TV called «Insignia» with an excellent price.

Insignia Roku TV 4K
Insignia Roku TV 4K

Manufacturer Roku, known to us on the TV set-top box Roku 4 tried to "dilute» 4K TV segment in a sense, after the successful implementation of their technology to HD TVs. So far released two models with screen diagonals of 43 and 55 inches. They are equipped with 4-core processor and a wireless adapter Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard. Of course, appearance, or rather the geometric dimensions are not as elegant as that of the world's giants, but the price is killing the competition in 4K Smart TV segment.

The new 4K UHD Insignia Roku TV the cheapest 4K TV on the market at the moment.

It is said that in the previously produced consoles use an operating system Roku OS 7. At the moment, we do not consider the possibilities and advantages of Roku OS. If there is such a need, and there are questions in the comments, we will try to answer.

But note that one of the positive qualities is a simple and easy access to 4K content on the network. Roku allows you to quickly access a systematic catalog of 4K Spotlight Channel to the right 4K UHD content, for example, Netflix, Ultraflix, YouTube, Plex and other streaming sources.

Besides 4K video is available more than 3000 different HD resources. Integrated into the new TV Roku interface will be familiar to those who have already used or seen it on consoles. Thus, Insignia Roku TV 4K is a symbiosis of cheap 4K TV with a prefix.

Price Insignia Roku 4K TV

Already available 55 inch model Insignia Roku NS-55DR710NA17, which is the best of the entire line, and is priced at $ 650. But if you are confused 55 "model of its size, it can be found in the near future 50 inch model Insignia Roku NS-50DR710NA17 a price of $ 500 and an even smaller diagonal of 43 inches in the model Insignia Roku NS-43DR710NA17 priced at $ 400. Tell me, what 4K TV for $ 400 you can find?

These new televisions combine superb quality and 4K resolution images with ease Smart TV use. It is unique to the Roku TV, all at an affordable price.

Specifications of Insignia Roku TV 4K

  • Dolby Vision HDR technology and screen brightness 1000 nits.
  • Screen Resolution Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K with the use of the zoom function TCL 4K Creative Pro.
  • 4000R curvature coefficient of the screen (in the relevant models only).
  • Sound System Premium Harmon Kardon with six independent speakers. Two subwoofer, a pair of MF and HF vapor.
  • Case thickness 15.4 mm, stylish design.
  • 4-core processor core and 6-core image processor.

Results of the review

In conclusion, the multiple TV Insignia Roku 4K TV review, we note that these models are officially in Russia does not plan to supply. Nevertheless, we felt it necessary to give such a review. You must agree that to buy a small 4K TV for $ 400 is very tempting. Who knows, maybe this TV will be available through the gray delivery. Recall that at the moment are available TVs Insignia Roku 4K TV with screen diagonals of 50 and 43 inches.