Browser for Smart TV

Which browser to choose for Smart TV? - this issue worries many owners of TVs with this technology. Everyone knows that browsers provide browsing the contents of Internet pages and access to various multimedia materials. But each program has different possibilities. In this article, we compare the functionality of the basic browsers provided by the largest manufacturers of smart TV.

Browser for Smart TV LG and its features

Browser for Smart TV LG and its features
Browser for Smart TV LG and its features

This company has become one of the first manufacturers of Smart TV devices. In 2009, the browser on LG TVs with the NetCast platform allowed to use all the functions of such large services as AccuWeather, Picasa and YouTube. A paid package of services includes the ability to use the Yandex browser.


Currently, every TV owner can fully use also such projects as:

  • Twitter;
  • Facebook;

No less popular and meteorological sites.

Browser for Smart TV Samsung: the main features

This manufacturer has become the leader in the number of applications developed for Smart TV. His browser (Samsung TV web browser) was very functional, thanks to working with Flash technology, as well as support for multitasking (simultaneous opening of several windows). In addition, the browser from Samsung allows you to simultaneously communicate in social networks and watch a movie.




Platform Tizen;

HTML5 support;

WebKit-based technology.

Browser for Smart TV Philips and Sony

Now even budget devices can provide a set of smart TV functions. In particular, this applies to devices from Philips. The browser turned out to be incredibly convenient and functional. It was created by Philips specialists in a way that allows you to work comfortably with the sites from the control panel.


In addition, the company has developed a special application for a smartphone, which makes it possible to visit the Internet through the TV, using a mobile device for navigation. The only drawback of this manufacturer - the number of applications - they are today less than some of the competing companies.


There is also a "own" browser for Smart TV Sony. Opera became the standard browser for TV series BRAVIA. It provides correct display of pages and is quite convenient to use.


Browser Features:


Technology Presto.

Support for HTML5 specifications.