How to Install Skype on your Samsung Smart TV?


Samsung has removed the Skype application from the official store on Smart TV TVs. What has provoked a storm of indignation on the part of users. Commentary Microsoft:

What changes will occur with Skype for TV?

"In June 2016, Skype stops support for TV applications. For it will no longer release updates. To find out exactly when the app will be removed from the device, you can have your TV's manufacturer. These changes also apply to the creation of user accounts and reset passwords. These actions It can be performed only on the website. "

Will I be able to use Skype for TV after June 2016?

"It may depend on the TV model. TV makers can remove the Skype application for the TV on some or all of its models. To find out if the Skype application will be available for TV for your model, refer to the manufacturer."

Unfortunately Samsung has not only removed the app from the store, but also to uninstall the previous Skype on all televisions. From Samsung itself on this matter no further comment. Below I will describe the way how to install Skype on your Samsung Smart TV.

Installing   Skype on Samsung TV  -  series E and F

To start download the appropriate file for your TV.

Installer to install Skype + Library empSkype + for added 5-6 series library empCamera:

E 5xxx-6xxx series

E 7xxx-8xxx series

F 5xxx-6xxx series

F 7xxx-8xxx series

Unpack the archive and copy the Install folder to the root of the flash drive. Insert the flash drive into the TV and turn on him. Then go to the section Extras. Install the application and run the application. Wait 5 seconds and press Enter. After 5-10 seconds to write that the installation was successful, and it is necessary to turn off the TV.

Installing Skype on your TV Samsung H series

Learn your TV firmware in the menu. Download the installer on the basis of its firmware.

For firmware T-GFP

For firmware T-MST14, T-GFS

For firmware T-NT14U

If Skype is installed on the TV, the first 2 of the checkpoint.

1. Remove the older version of Skype.

2. Turn off the TV and unplug the power cord, wait until the lamp turns off on the front panel. Turn on the TV.

3. Cast InstallSkype folder from a previously downloaded file on a flash drive.

4. Go to the SmartHub and run the widget Install Skype. (If the widget does not appear - Turn off the TV, insert a USB flash drive, turn on the TV).

5. Press Enter on the remote and wait (the last 3 lines should be Ok with at the end).

6. Click Exit, go to TV menu and check the option System -> General -> Instant start. If it is - Off.

7. Turn off the TV and unplug the power cord, wait until the lamp turns off on the front panel. Remove the USB flash drive.

8. Turn on the TV and start Skype.