Televisions Vizio E-Series and M-Series 2016

After leaving in 2016 a fantastic P-series Vizio TV, announced new manufacturer of the E-Series and M-Series 4K TV this year. The starting price of the smallest 43 inch TV starts at $ 470 for the new E-Series. In this series there are different specifications that we met in P-Series, all TVs shipped with the service Google Cast that is a bonus.


In addition, as in the P Series Vizio review of which we have already given, the manufacturer Vizio has decided to abandon the traditional TV tuners and remote controls for Smart TV platform. With Vizio SmartCast service comes bundled with the tablet PC to control your TV.

Vizio SmartCast E-Series
Vizio SmartCast E-Series

In addition, the ability to use touch screen (touchscreen) or any smartphone tablet to control and navigate through the TV screen. Naturally, the app is free as in TVs P-Series. For information - the tablet Full HD.


Immediately make a retreat for TVs E-Series will complete the tablet. Instead, the user can download Vizio SmartCast application and install it on your any device to control the TV.

In addition to the new line of televisions Vizio E-Series will be available simultaneously Vizio M-series.


This range is slightly higher in price. The smallest model M-Series begins with a diagonal of 43 inches, the price of this model will start at $ 500. This line is equipped with the technology Dolby Vision HDR, but it is available on TVs with diagonals from 50 inches or more. For more information about HDR standards.

Starting price of the TV with a diagonal of 50 M-Series starts at $ 850. This is perhaps the cheapest HDR 4K TV in 2016. As we have seen on TV Vizio P-Series, the HDR image quality at 4K is one of the best TVs in 2016 release. We assume that the main characteristics of the TVs HDR M-Series and HDR P-series of the same, as the applicability of the technology about the same.

60 inch model Vizio M-Series HDR 4K TV will be available at a price of $ 1250, this TV comes with Android tablet as a remote control. It should be noted that the M-2016 series comes with a full matrix backlit screen, which is undoubtedly a bonus in these televisions.

Thus, we can safely say that Vizio in 2016 expanding segment of 4K TVs, ranging from E-series with a diagonal 43-inch screen, and ending with the 70 inch model priced at $ 1700, fully able to satisfy any customer. This is one of the most excellent TV with value and quality in 2016.


The range of M-series starts with a diagonal of 50 inches and 80 diagonal ends giant monster. Price is represented below.


Prices TVs VIZIO SmartCast M-Series 2016

VIZIO M50-D1 50″ HDR $849 UHD (Home Theater Display)

VIZIO M55-D0 55″ HDR $999 UHD (Home Theater Display)

VIZIO M60-D1 60″ HDR $1249 UHD (Home Theater Display)

VIZIO M65-D0 65″ HDR $1499 UHD (Home Theater Display)

VIZIO M70-D3 70″ HDR $1999 UHD (Home Theater Display)

VIZIO M80-D3 80″ HDR $3999 UHD (Home Theater Display)

Prices TVs VIZIO SmartCast E-Series 2016

VIZIO E32-D1 32″ $230 HDTV

VIZIO E40-D0 40″ $299 HDTV

VIZIO E43-D2 43″ HDTV $369 HDTV

VIZIO E43u-D2 43″ $469 UHD (Home Theater Display)

VIZIO E48-D0 48″ $399 HDTV

VIZIO E48u-D0 48″ $549 UHD (Home Theater Display)

VIZIO E50-D1 50″ $469 HDTV

VIZIO E50u-D2 50″ $599 UHD (Home Theater Display)

VIZIO E55-D0 55″ $569 HDTV

VIZIO E55u-D0 55″ $699 UHD (Home Theater Display)

VIZIO E60u-D3 60″ $969 UHD (Home Theater Display)

VIZIO E65u-D3 65″ $1099 UHD (Home Theater Display)

VIZIO E70u-D3 70″ $1699 UHD (Home Theater Display)