Philips 65PUS8901 with backlight Ambilux

As we know, Philips in 2015 announced an updated technology Ambilux background lighting. One of the first models equipped with this technology was the Philips 65PUS8901 / 12 TV from the premium segment.


This is an array of LEDs located on the perimeter of the back of the TV, (in some models, the LEDs do not occupy the entire perimeter, but only a part) that projects light around the TV, preserving the color gamut of the image boundary. In a word, the side LEDs continue to color the screen. In other 4K TVs, this does not apply. Ambilight is the "chip" of Philips.


The new Ambilux backlight in the 65-inch 65PUS8901 / 12 TV is more advanced than previous implementations of this system. What's new in this model besides Ambilux lighting we'll try to understand the Philips 65PUS8901 review.

Philips AmbiLux 65PUS8901
Philips AmbiLux 65PUS8901

Philips 65PUS8901 review

Despite the fact that Ambilux in this model is an innovation, we will not stop for a long time at this moment. The main thing in this highlight is that its brightness can be adjusted even to zero level - this is for those who will get bored with the backlight.


From the design point of view, the TV looks slim for such a large panel. You can say that the appearance is "sporty" and "smart". Ultra-thin black bezel with chrome trim around the perimeter of the screen gives out the class of the device. The back panel is light, more precisely, ivory. The legs of the stand are made in the form of triangles "Bladewire", they give stability to the whole structure.

Rear panel and interfaces

On the back of the Philips PUS8901, there are four HDMI inputs, is not it impressive? In addition to them, there is a full SCART connector and a component input for connecting old devices. All four HDMI ports have support for HDCP recording protection 2.2. This allows you to play 4K content, for example, with an attached Ultra HD Blu-ray Philips BDP7501 or Amazon Fire TV 4K.


The user can access the headphones, digital audio channel output, RJ-45 Ethernet port for Internet connection and three USB ports. For the wireless connection, built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapters are available, and a smartphone or tablet can be connected through these interfaces.


Despite the 17mm thickness of Philips PUS8901 TV with 65 diagonal, the installed speaker system has good characteristics. The total output power of the sound is 30 W, the sound scheme settings can be adjusted or the factory presets can be used. In addition, there is a function of "Philips Incredible Sound" for converting the signal into a pseudo surround sound, it is interesting to "play" when listening to a pure original audio signal.


After the manufacturer began using the Android platform on their TVs, there was a lot of criticism or opinions that the Android TV is unlikely to get used to, and it is not needed. But the time has passed, and we all have witnessed positive feedback about the operating system. At the moment, the software has been updated and all minor defects have been eliminated, although this statement is still in doubt.

Advantages and disadvantages of Philips PUS8901

The obvious pluses of the Philips 65PUS8901 TV are: perfect lighting of the room (room) when using background lighting; Support on all HDMI ports encoding HDCP 2.2; The ability to use streaming 4K video, for example, Netflix or Amazon Video; Great sound for such a large TV.


The disadvantages include: some bugs of the Android TV platform, but they are mostly corrected in new firmware; Need to update the software to support HDR content (at the moment there are "updated" TVs on sale); Can be observed artifacts when playing dynamic scenes.

65PUS8901 user reviews

Since the release of PUS8901 has passed more than a year, but until now the model remains relevant, if not pay attention to the price. Having a 3D function, managing gestures, supporting Skype, writing to an external USB hard drive or USB flash drive - all this is great for such a "powerful" TV. Therefore, we present a sample of user reviews of the Philips 65PUS8901.

What do you like?


The main advantages over previous models, as the users note, is the new AmbiLux backlight in the Philips 65PUS8901 with advanced options. As you can see, the manufacturer made an accent on this and did not lose. In combination with a large screen diagonal, this model becomes the entertainment center for real.

What's not to like?


The expected support for HDR after the software update did not bring additional bonuses. This fact is also understandable, because there are necessary requirements for the TV to fully support HDR content. In addition, users note the presence of artifacts when scaling content from HD format. The Android TV platform became "lively" after all the updates, but the interface for the user is a bit confusing.

Summary of the review 65PUS8901

In conclusion, the review 65PUS8901 from Philips can not fail to note that the quality of the image as a whole is very good. If you do not take into account background illumination, then you can safely call this model promising, due to a combination of screen brightness, magnificent saturated colors, high sharpness and strict contrast of the image.


Do not forget that the manufacturer recommends leaving space between the back of the TV and a wall of about 20 cm. This is necessary for the best quality display of background lighting. There is an opinion that 65PUS8901 will spend more electricity than a conventional LCD TV because of backlighting.


For our audience, almost all Philips products are basic. We pay attention to them first. Apparently, low prices in comparison with competitors, but not this time ...