Apple TV 4K HDR receive support in 2017

Apple TV 4K HDR in 2017 should appear. The reason for this statement was a statement from Bloomberg (news agency), which in its article spoke about the current state of Apple TV and the plans for the future in this direction. If you understand the expectations of Apple TV 4K began in 2014. receive support in 2017

Apple TV 4K HDR
Apple TV 4K HDR

STB Apple TV 4, published in 2015, did not meet these expectations. Since then, the "filling» Apple TV has not changed for the better today. Information on the new console, according to Bloomberg said, came to him "by those who work in Apple».


The article says that the console will not only get support for 4K, but also picture "will find vibrant colors." It must be assumed that in addition to 4K must be maintained and HDR mode. Analysts pointed out that the Apple TV «iron" is much more powerful, and the device is most likely created to not only play video in Full HD.

Apple TV in 2015 was equipped with a built-HDMI 1.4. This connector is quite capable of supporting 4K resolution. Probably Apple is trying to make a future update to the new firmware. But with such a connector support even static HDR mode can not speak, not to mention the dynamic HDR mode.


«J105» - the working title of the new consoles. The surprise is not that Apple is going to release Apple TV 4K HDR in 2017, and why the company Apple TV 5 has not yet been released. Most companies like Roku, not only released a TV set-top box Roku 4, with support for 4K, but the price of these consoles are cheaper than the Apple TV 2015.


Issue Apple TV with 4K HDR support, most likely, not Apple desire to stand out, but simply imperative. Every year the price of 4K TVs are getting cheaper, and demand for them grows. Many strimingovyh companies like Amazon and Netflix spend broadcasting 4K resolution. Most likely, Apple's tired of counting losses.

The new device will not change any body, nor its size, but simply add some innovation, including 4K with HDR. Many fans of this company on the proposal said they were waiting for a revolutionary breakthrough, and gained an evolutionary. Hence, one must assume that Apple is in that direction or to "strive too slow" or "crawling headlong."


With regard to the plans of the company, then Apple TV 5 presentation to be held in 2017. Note that this does not mean that on the shelves of Apple TV model of the fifth generation is to get it in the same year. I would also like to have this console meets the requirements of advanced technology, not only 4K and HDR. After entering the market, it must be assumed that the new video content has 4K resolution will be added to iTunes.