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History of Panasonic Smart TV


In this article, we will tell you about the Smart TV, produced by Panasonic. Panasonic is not the first company to produce "smart" TVs. A year after the market began to appear Smart TV, Panasonic developers have only begun to equip its TVs feature Smart TV. Unlike other manufacturers, their representatives Panasonic TVs called Smart Viera. Previously, they were called VIERA Cast. VIERA Connect - this is quite a convenient option to work with the Internet - resources through the TV. It is good that you do not have to buy any - no additional devices or consoles, pay money. Just buy one of the models of TVs Panasonic Smart VIERA TV and enjoy all of its features for free. Panasonic will take a good place among the Smart TV developers. In 2011, a special breakthrough. Panasonic introduced a 1.4 GHz dual-core chip designed specifically for Smart TV. The developers claim that the rapidity no chip, outrunning this. Quick chip can simultaneously work with the Internet and with two HDTV streams. Thanks to him, the power saving mode starts.

By the well-known alliance, including the three were originally corporation LG, Toshiba and the Philips, later joined by a few large companies, among which was the company Panasonic. They teamed up to solve the problem, many years of torments of all manufacturers Smart TVs. Incompatibility between smart - platforms impeded the development of new technologies, features and applications. President of Smart TV Alliance became Richard Choi.

In 2012, the international exhibition Consumer Electronics Show, Panasonic unveiled a new series of television based on the HDTV Panasonic Smart VIERA (VIERA Connect) platform. Now you can freely access the Internet. There has been improvement in many of the options, new applications, including children. The web page embedded flash-player. Streaming video flash-format (* .flv), distributed on the Internet, it can be seen with the aid of Flash - Player. In the most powerful use of certain Internet TVs - resources does not differ greatly from the use of a PC.

With VIERA Connect work with the downloaded applications through the Internet. 2012 was a turning point for Panasonic. The televisions Smart TV from Panasonic are available new services. Each service has its own applications. The interface is laid out, the developers have created it, taking into account all the specifics of control through the TV. An attractive and simple interface became Omelet. There can sort movies. Separate them by year of production, by genre or by rating. You can view the trailer alone - is shorter in duration excerpts from films, lasting a few minutes.

We will tell the early history of Panasonic Smart VIERA. Users were not able to view new items of films. This is due to the lack of opportunities to buy premium content. Grieved gamers. At the service provided to only the most conventional films with simple graphics. Panasonic will eventually try to fix all the flaws and shortcomings. Paid content will help application developers to get additional money, thus it will be a kind of incentive for them, and there will be an increase in applications.  Despite the lack of popular movies, here you can find other interesting films. Get together in the evening in the company of loved ones and spend time with pleasure. Panasonic has launched a special website VIERA Connect Developers for Developers. Here they will be able to find a quick and effective way to fully develop their products. Content Tvigle also varied in use, but the main difference is its unfortunate and confusing interface.

Myspace TV New service allows viewers to communicate with each other and comment on the program. This application is available only in HD TVs Panasonic Smart VIERA. Sharing ideas can be about movies, news, sports shows, or on the music. This list is constantly being added and other collections.

Disney Publishing and Panasonic has signed an agreement according to which both parties must contribute to the development of new applications based on smart TVs Panasonic VIERA ConnectTM. This app provides access to a library of interactive stories and comic books, the protagonists of which are cartoon characters.

Now videos can be viewed on YouTube for free. Recall that previously could only view them through a web browser.

Having developed a new Flixster app, films and programs are now stored in the cloud, can be downloaded in HD TVs and Blu-ray players.

Users of devices with support for Panasonic VIERA Connect were able to use the application, created specifically for shopping HSN Shop by Remote. Download this app and get acquainted with the arrival of a new product, read customer reviews who have already purchased these products and do leave comments or make a purchase.

Film fans can be in the famous library SnagFilms find hundreds of free films of various genres.

It has been developed and is ready to use the new web - browser. A VIERA Remote App Version 2.0 technology makes it possible, instead of the remote control to operate and manage Panasonic VIERA Connect TV via tablet or smartphone. This is useful when entering text documents.

In 2011, TV introduced technology that allows users to access social networks Twitter and Facebook. And in 2012 it became possible to make video calls using Skype. Technology - is an indispensable tool, giving helpful tips when choosing a TV show or movie. You can also just find you are interested in, for example, a series on specified criteria.

In the market of high technology has become a popular company Ooyala, which delivers digital video technology and some services. In 2012, VIERA Connect has teamed up with Ooyala. This agreement makes it possible to communicate with the video publisher audience through a platform Panasonic Smart TV / VIERA Connect. Smart TV / VIERA Connect platform Also this year teamed up with the online - video platform Brightcove Video Cloud.

Multitasking feature allows you to simultaneously open multiple applications and alternately switch from one to another. Let's say you're watching football, then suddenly want to know the current news, and then it became necessary to go on Skype and chat with friends.

After reading this article, you now understand that Panasonic companies in the development of smart TVs have more to strive for. But do not forget that the last time she fully works on Panasonic Smart VIERA improvement. Viera Connect service this year improved its position and made a few steps up gradually in its development. There was a lot of applications and technologies, which can boast of a company Panasonic, also improved the design of TVs. In general, Panasonic able to compete with many companies that are engaged in the development of Smart TV.