Samsung UE55MU8000 Review

Along with the MU8500 series, Samsung released the MU8000. These televisions are part of the 8th Samsung 2017 series and fall into the Premium UHD TV segment. This class is slightly lower than the Samsung 9 series, which is understandable from the notation. Different diagonals of these models will be presented on the market: 49 inches of UE49MU8000 (UN49MU8000), 55 inches of UE55MU8000 (UN55MU8000), 65 inches of UE65MU8000 (UN65MU8000) and 75 inches of UE75MU8000 (UN75MU8000).

Samsung UE55MU8000 Review
Samsung UE55MU8000 Review

For different sales markets, the models differ with stands and some other parameters. All this we will tell in the review Samsung UE55MU8000, which is a bright representative in the European and Russian market. As you can imagine, the series in question is a continuation of last year's Samsung KS8000 line.

Samsung MU8000 review

Compared with the predecessor KS8000, there are some technological differences, for example, the lack of Quantum Dot Panel. Nevertheless, if you touch the price of the issue, the new models of the MU8000 are characterized by a lower price from the KS8000. Focusing on HDR support, we note that the MU8000 fully supports the HDR10 and perfectly complies with the HDR HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) standard.

Applied technologies

Perfect image quality for Samsung MU8000 series manufacturer uses the "UHD Remastering Engine" processing. This technology contains an excellent image correction mechanism and is based on a number of the latest Samsung technologies. The combination of Edge-lit LED backlight with local dimming and UHD Dimming technology in conjunction with Precision Black and Peak Illuminator Pro achieves a wide range of brightness and deep black levels as well as high peak brightness of the image.


If you remember, the KS8000 used quantum dots as the color processing technology, this technology was removed in the Samsung MU8000 series. Now, instead of it, "4K Color Drive Extreme" is used. This is the most modern color processing technology. In addition, for processing blur in dynamic scenes at 24p Motion Rate 240 is used. In the native mode, the frequency of the panel is 120 Hz.


The surface of the matrix is "Ultra Clear Panel". It prevents reflection and reduces glare on the screen if the TV is in a very bright room. Of the features of the MU8000, you can also note the updated Smart TV platform, built on the basis of Tizen OS 2017. It is a fast and responsive system with many interesting applications.


Since 2016, Samsung began to remove support for 3D images, then the model Samsung UE55MU8000 in question does not have it. VA panel, which is equipped with the model in question, has a viewing angle a little less, so be located in front of the screen in the right place.

Samsung UE55MU8000
Samsung UE55MU8000

Smart TV

Like similar models in the Samsung 2017 lineup, the Samsung MU8000U TV has the Samsung Tizen 2017 operating system as a platform for smart TV. The model is equipped with a quad-core processor. The appearance of the initial OS screen is designed with an attractive design in white and dark tones with additional animation. Control of the TV is simple and comfortable when navigating.


Selecting and switching between applications is responsive, download time and launch applications fast. From streaming sources are available: Premium VoD (Netflix), Amazon Videos, YouTube and others, and the built-in Web Browser will not let you be sad before the screen. The Screen Mirroring function and the Cloud Games app also add to your screen time.


Controller in the Samsung MU8000 is Smart Remote, which was used in the KS series. The remote control has a built-in microphone for voice commands and Google search. As always, the remote control is equipped with an IR transmitter, so if there are other devices controlled via the IR port, it is possible to configure the remote to control additional devices. That is, it can function as a universal remote control.

Image quality

In general, the image quality reproduced by the Samsung MU8000 is very good for this price range. Movies, TV shows, sports programs and other content look great on the MU8000 screen. Almost all image quality parameters in the MU8000 series are increased. The level of black is really deep, the uniformity of black is good.


Brightness and contrast of the image at the level, the colors on the screen look quite accurate. All these parameters provide a decent image quality regardless of the room illumination. However, compared to the earlier KS8000 series, the image quality at the output was noticeably lower.


It should be noted that the rejection of quantum dots may have a greater impact on color reproduction. The color in the MU8000 may not be as saturated in comparison with the predecessor KS8000 or with QLED TVs. Nevertheless, the color reproduction of Samsung MU8000 looks very accurate even when playing HDR content that requires an enhanced color gamut.


As we know, for qualitative playback in the HDR10 standard, at least 90% of the DCI P3 color space coverage is required, and the MU8000 series covers this figure. In addition, the MU8000 supports 10-bit color depth for full compatibility with the HDR10 standard. As a result, the manufacturer achieved a smooth color gradient. For its price, the MU8000 looks great in this respect, but it lags behind the KS8000U.


If we consider the contrast of the image, then it can be noted that in the MU8000 series it is excellent. In fact, the black level is below the value of 0.05 nits, which is quite enough for the HDR10 standard. This allows you to perfectly use the TV in a dark room without loss of image quality. The dark color looks very black. In this case, the details of the image in dark scenes are perfectly distinguishable and without loss of color saturation.

When displaying HDR content, dark scenes look very detailed. Of course, this is in line with the recommendations of the HDR standard. Meanwhile, although the maximum brightness in the Samsung 55MU8000 is not as bright as the predecessor of the KS8000, and even below 1000 nits (as the minimum recommendation for the HDR10 standard), but when playing back SDR content in a lighted room this is quite enough.


To play content with a low resolution (not 4K), the Samsung 55MU8000 TV uses the UHD Up-scaling engine. As well as in the previous model KS8000, you can safely enjoy any content, even 480p on DVD media without visible loss of quality. Naturally, the higher the resolution of the original content, the better it will be to scale the image to 4K resolution.


It is recommended to use sources with 720p or 1080p. Then the picture will look more clear and bright, and the smallest details will not remain undetected. If you summarize the image quality, then it can be noted that it in the Samsung 55MU8000U will be slightly inferior to the UE55KS8000, but for its class this is an amazing quality.


The performance of the TV when playing HDR content is excellent. This is due to the presence of a deep level of black, strong contrast and a wide range of colors. The only drawback is the angle of view of the screen, which is an ordinary case for VA panels. But if you are right in front of the TV screen, then it does not bother you.

Playback settings 24p

The Samsung UE55MU8000U, like the entire series, has a fast pixel response time. This means that the entire line of TVs copes well with dynamic content. For example, sports programs and shooters will look great. These indicators are better than last year's KS8000. In addition, the MU8000 series is an excellent option for viewing regular movies.


Whether you use 24p blur ray discs or 24p @ 60i / 60p from a satellite receiver (or streaming video) for playback, smooth video is guaranteed. However, to prevent the "soap opera" effect, when you are viewing a normal movie, you need to set the "Auto Motion Plus" mode to "Custom", and then "Judder Reduction" to "0". In addition, the "Blur Reduction" setting is also set to "0". Since Samsung MU8000 has a frequency of 120 Hz in native mode, there is interpolation support at 30 or 60 fps.


Like the predecessor of the KS8000, the new Samsung MU8000 series is equipped with four HDMI ports and three USB connectors for basic connections. HDMI ports support HDCP 2.2, CEC and an end-to-end audio channel, which is necessary for modern 4K TVs supporting 4K HDR.


In addition to HDMI and USB ports, there is an antenna RF input, Ethernet interface, built-in Wi-Fi, digital audio channel output and for some models RS232 interface for maintenance (US version). AV and component input are not available, so a special converter is required if you intend to use older video sources.


Just like last year's model, all the HDMI and USB ports (and others) are installed in the external "One Connect Box" box. In addition, we note that the Samsung UE55MU8000 has a short delay time of the input signal, that when using the TV in the "Game Mode" mode it allows to use the device for playing 4K HDR in computer games.

Results of the review MU8000

In conclusion, the review of Samsung's MU8000 is summarized. The whole series represents a set of TVs of the middle class and has a high-quality image, regardless of whether a film or a television program is being watched. In general, the image has a deep black level, strong contrast prevails, colors are accurate. In any room irrespective of the illumination, the picture is magnificent.


The peak brightness is above average and quite sharp, but slightly lower than the predecessor KS8000. The lack of Quantum Dot technology slightly underestimates the color gamut, unlike the KS8000. In a word, the image quality of the MU8000 is a bit inferior to the KS8000 and very close to the Samsung KU7000 series.


The delay of the input signal is very low, which makes it possible to use a huge screen as a PC monitor. The Smart TV platform is easy to use and responsive to user commands. In the series Samsung MU8000 there is a small minus, expressed in the viewing angles. Therefore, we recommend that you think ahead of the place where you plan to install a new TV.


To buy Samsung MU8000 or not? If you are looking for a middle-class TV that is equipped with high performance for mixed use (video and computer games), we would fully support you in this choice. In addition to the viewing angle of the screen, you will not find the negative sides in this TV. In the end, look at the stand in the store before making the final decision to purchase the model in question.



- Deep black level and strict contrast.

- Low input delay.

- Attractive operating system Tizen OS.



- No 3D support.

- A small viewing angle of the screen.