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Microsoft Xbox One S with 4K Blu-Ray player

Released in the "ether," a new, fourth in a row, a games console from Microsoft Corporation. A little less than three years separate Xbox One S 4K from the previous console, Xbox One. Before we find out what characteristics have given the product marketers, engineers, technicians and other employees of the company, note that Microsoft is ahead of Sony for several months, since the new console PlayStation (possible name PlayStation 4K Neo) will be available probably in the 4th quarter of this of the year.

Microsoft Xbox One S
Microsoft Xbox One S


The updated console will appeal to many gamers and those who want to watch movies and other video in 4K resolution. Full support for 4K resolution in games is expected only by the fall of 2017, when it may be implemented by the project Microsoft Scorpio (full support for 4K at 60 frames per second, six-teraflop GPU, support for VR helmets).

Support for HDR video

Now the company can offer to those who already have the appropriate monitors or TVs HDR support in games, which means improved contrast, color and detail. Consequently, the benefit will be those who want a great 4K Blu-ray player and a media console in a single device with the best value for money in the current market.

To console could bestow you with quality 4K Blu-ray disc or source video streaming, for example, Netflix (quality will depend on your type of subscription), most likely, you will need to update the software. Some users have received Xbox One S 4K before the official start of sales we were surprised by the fact that the prefix "cheated" their expectations.

The company even had to make an official statement on this occasion. After the update the image quality is stunning, especially since finally appeared in the console version of the HDMI 2.0a. This means that you get a 4K as 60 Hz. And we repeat that you should already have, or will have to buy a TV that supports 4K HDR.

Scaling up to 4K

As for games, the Xbox One S can scale certain games with the permission of Full HD resolution to 4K UHD (3840 × 2160). It's certainly not full-frame 4K (4096 × 3112), but this is a very significant step forward. And if the version of the game designed with the support of HDR, is already becoming a trend in anticipation of subsequent consoles, you'll be the first to see the game with HDR on the game console.

The reduced body

Housing Xbox One S 4K decreased by about 40% due to the exclusion of the port for Kinect and other technological advances, but Kinect can be connected via a USB cable. What is surprising, and at the same time exciting, no external power adapter! Power supply with passive cooling is in the body, and it can be operated at a voltage of 100 to 240 volts.


In case there is also a powerful infrared emitter to control your home appliances with infrared receivers: TV, receiver, satellite or cable box. Stand, which allows to install Xbox One S vertically, supplied with 2 TB hard drive. By the way, I must say that by replacing the hard disk is impossible to avoid the termination of the warranty, but by USB-interface to connect external drives as possible.


We add that the color of consoles is now white, but the controllers will be available practically in any color and even with a laser engraved, but this option will cost $ 80. In addition, the controller is now textured surface that has been done, according to the Microsoft, according to the wishes of users.

Extended range

Range at which the controller will be available for the console doubled. Sam gamepad can be used to play on any device with Windows 10 (it may be necessary to upgrade the operating system) via Bluetooth. An additional controller can be purchased for $ 55-60.

Number of USB-3.0 ports - three, two of them on the back, one on the front. On the case there are two conventional (non-touch) button to turn on the device and eject the CD.


According to reports, the processor used in the console Xbox One S 4K, the same as the processor in the Xbox One - AMD Jaguar. The frequency of the bus remains the same - 1,75 GHz, he and two quad-core module. GPU Performance slightly higher than the Xbox One and is 1,4 TFLOPS.


In the first place, it seems a strange lack of Kinect port, although it can be connected via an adapter, which Microsoft promises free.

Second, it is that the Xbox One S still can not show us the game in 4K resolution, while it is already available for many computers. Thus, we can not say that the console - a new step in the gaming industry, it is just an improved version of Xbox One.

Thirdly, the presence of a gamepad.

Results of the review of Xbox One S 4K

At the conclusion of the review Microsoft Xbox One S 4K worth paying attention to the excellent design, scaling Full HD gaming to a 4K UHD (3840 × 2160), support for HDR (HDR10) for the games, which provide this feature, 4K home video (but without the support of Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and DTS: X). All this - the reasons for which you might want to purchase Xbox One S.