Why is it better to play on the big screens of the Samsung Smart TV?

Smart TVs, along with the PC and mobile devices are currently increasingly used by gamers. Simplicity and ease of displaying the game on the big screen Smart TV turn it into an exciting entertainment for the entire family.

Samsung TV games
Samsung TV games

The company Samsung Electronics, a global leader in the TV industry sold almost 100 million smart TV sets worldwide and is now successfully integrated into the game the TV segment. Every month, the number of participants gaming service Samsung Smart TV GAMES increased by 3 million users. Three reasons are the basis of the answer to the question of why the game TV service Samsung Smart TV GAMES is so popular.

1. There are no settings, just turn on the TV

One of the remarkable features of the service Samsung Smart TV GAMES is that the user does not need to connect and configure any devices such as satellite set-top boxes, game consoles, and game controllers, which in itself is often quite difficult. Turn on your Samsung smart TV, you can immediately start playing. You can instantly select a game category in the menu GAMES (GAME finding this widget menu on the Smart Hub main screen panel.

The gaming service Samsung Smart TV GAMES supports a wide variety of controllers, including remote controls, mobile smartphone applications, the Smart remote control, portable devices and X-input-compatible gamepads.

In addition, you can use the popular console games using TV smart TV to connect to the online TV games, Samsung implemented a global partner in the gaming segment. Samsung has offered online gaming services through the Play Station, GameFly service in 24 countries, including Europe, North and Latin America.

Recently Samsung introduced its new pay TV system, called "Samsung Checkout on TV", allows easy and simple to buy games and game accessories.

2. An unforgettable game atmosphere immersion

Game Smart TV service is unique because playing on the big screen, you get two to three times more unforgettable experiences than from playing on the computer screen. This year, significantly increased the popularity of UHD TVs, providing a 4-fold increase in image quality compared to Full HD TVs. Furthermore, what is important is that Samsung has equipped its SUHD TV special image processors that are recognized as world's best for quality of the generated image compared to other TV manufacturers.

Game on Samsung TVs with curved screen provides the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in what is happening on the screen. Furthermore, your vision while experiencing minimal tension. Since all of the curved screen are the same distance from the eye, the lens is not necessary to constantly change their curvature to focus the image on the retina when moving the eyes from the center of the screen pereiferii, ie eyes less tired even after a long game.

Asphalt 8: This game is quite popular on the service Samsung Smart TV GAMES, this brand new, stunning impressions of car racing on the big screen.

3. Games on TV as entertainment for the whole family

Currently, worldwide solution to the problem of gambling addiction is becoming increasingly important, but for the service Samsung Smart TV GAMES is not a problem, because this service gives you the opportunity to play at the same time the whole family that is safer for people's mental health. Service Samsung Smart TV GAMES supports the use of TV remote controls and smartphones, so taking part in the game may be a few people at a time. Finally, Samsung Smart TV GAMES service is based on the use of the network, it supports the online mode with simultaneous participation of all family members.

Together with companies Gameloft, EA and Ubisoft, Samsung has released more than 60 smart TV games in various categories including sports, racing, music games, puzzles, and games "first-person shooter (FPS)" and role-playing games "roll playing games (RPG) ". In addition, Samsung is also working with Sony and GameFly companies in the creation of strimingovyh games. Starting from Tetris and to "Just Dance Now", which is slated for this year, the service Samsung Smart TV GAMES will provide an opportunity for all family members and their friends to experience the beauty of multiplayer games.

In the words of Vice President of the Department of displays of Samsung Electronics, Kim Jong Chang (Yong Chan Kim), "Smart TV users prefer sports games and races, which may be involved family members or friends. With this in mind, Samsung to the end of the year will increase the number of games downloaded on the service game, up to 100, with particular attention to the familiar and understandable for all the games that can be enjoyed by all comers. "