Thomson Smart TV User Manual

Thomson  logo
Thomson logo

Thomson is one of the oldest and most recognizable brands in the world market of electronic goods industry, where it is already more than 100 years, is the standard of quality and reliability synonymous.

Thomson - is the embodiment of design, style, comfort, ease of use, durability and affordable price.


Thomson today is not only a high-tech television technology, but also a wide variety of electrical products - digital set-top boxes, audio / video equipment, phones, LCD monitors, tablet PCs, home appliances and accessories.

Important dates in the history of the brand Thomson:

1914 - year of foundation of the group Thomson SA companies (Thomson Multimedia), named after the founder of a joint US-French company, an electrical engineer Elihu Thomson.

1915 - brand THOMSON world leader in the production of film equipment and shooting.

1919 - 20e - the appearance of the first radio network in the US, the first radio program broadcast live, the first patent for radio technology.

Thomson 55UA8596 Curved
Thomson 55UA8596 Curved

1923-1925 - opening of the laboratory video footage are in Hollywood; release of the first color film.

1950s - created the first TV with a screen diagonal of 54 cm, working in SECAM.

1961 - THOMSON company introduced the world's first TV with a picture tube deflection system 110 degrees, which made it possible to make TV more compact.

1980s - participation in the development of the first European HDTV and MP3 standard, the start of production of satellite dishes and video equipment.

1995 - the company was awarded the Emmy Award for his achievements in the field of digital television.

2000 - till now - the leader in the field of Internet TV and IPTV platforms.

2004 - The French multinational Thomson and Chinese company TCL Group is, with a view to further effective development, promotion of the existing historical experience and innovative research technologies, create a joint venture (TTE Group) for the production of TCL Household Electrical Appliances - Thomson, which is becoming one of the largest providers of television equipment .