LG B7, LG C7, LG E7, LG G7 and LG W7 - OLED TV in 2017

For several years, LG hit users with the quality and abundance of technology used by the manufacturer in the new TVs. LG has once again demonstrated at CES 2017 excellent model, OLED TVs rightfully earned rave reviews from visitors. As was rumored, and later it was confirmed at CES 2017 LG at the moment is not one "owner» OLED 4K TV - a clear example of the new competition Sony A1E OLED TVs.


LG flagships OLED TV in 2017

Thus, the LG will try to make their new models some zest to stay at the height of its competitors. Thus, the LG flagships OLED TV Signature 4K series W. Double-U (W) standard includes the definition of "wallpaper", and refers to design "an image on the wall." The new TVs are made up of two parts: the main part - a very thin display, the second part - a Dolby Atmos soundbar underneath. Soundbar is a necessary step, as this is where all basic TV functions, it contains all the interfaces and so on.


The screen is a new TV 4K HDR OLED panel thickness of only 2.57 mm. In some photos CES 2017, we see that the panel is easily bent. W Series is available with screen sizes of 77 inches and up to 65 diagonal series are the same as they were in 2016. Also affecting the thickness of the series are distinguished by their weight of 7.7 kg for the 65-inch version. Just fantastic.

This is made possible through the use of OLED technology, which does not require extra backlight matrix. It is because of this that the minimum thickness of the TV. Splitting the screen and the audio portion will connect both components with a single cable. Naturally, this compound is unique, and different cords from other manufacturers will not work.

Of course, the manufacturer has taken into account the ability to install the panel on a horizontal surface, but the location of the TV on the wall is the main ridge and is the best. When the question about the LG representatives were asked the feasibility of such fine screens, the laconic reply was received - "we try to do even better than the top model of the last year."

Image quality

And this statement is true. LG's new TVs made small improvements in terms of image quality in all product lines in 2017 OLED TVs, which include B7, C7, E7, G7 and W7 series. Other models LG have a less radical design and a modest upgrade over last year's models. Major news mostly in image quality. Now, in the specifications of the new television there is support for different standards HDR: HDR10, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG).

webOS 3.5

Popular webOS operating system from the beginning of 2017 becomes the next version of webOS 3.5 in the LG TVs. This is one of the most popular and convenient operating systems used in modern televisions. At least so assured fans that OS. But we are sure that there are the same number of Android TV fans, so this is a moot point.


LG said it is working closely with Netflix, Amazon Video and Vudu, and in a short time (perhaps when upgrading OS) 4K and HDR content of these monsters put in the most prominent place on their television screens.

Regarding remote soundbar, the LG claims that it is possible to connect existing users speakers except Dolby Atmos bar.

The presence of the second part of the television will remain in force for obvious reasons. Such factory set is likely for small offices with limited space. If you say about the quality of sound, those installations that were on display stand of the company, have shown excellent performance.


LG persistently does not cover the price of new Signature 4K OLED 2017, but we dare to suggest that it would be suicidal prices that are sure to expensive new models presented at CES from manufacturers Samsung and Sony. Fortunately, choosing a TV 2016, you get almost the same image quality as the flagship in the new LG OLED TV, presented in 2017.

On the other hand, at CES actually introduce new models that fall under the "do not believe my eyes" - the wonders of technology, in a word. Prototype TVs, wallpaper we already know - this is a model with a curved screen. Who prevents us to bend the LG W-series because we want to? According to the manufacturer, 65-inch Signature OLED W is already on sale in late February, early March 2017. By the way, for visitors to CES has been available for pre-order the new models directly at the exhibition on January 5, but 77 inch model was not yet available.