how to connect the Philips TV on Android TV to Wi-Fi?

Hello! There was my TV Philips, whose Smart TV system is based on Android TV. In this article, I'll show you how to connect the Philips TV on Android TV to Wi-Fi network to access the Internet, watch online movies, YouTube videos and movies from your computer. Maybe the TV on Android TV a lot. We will consider all in separate articles. But first, you need to connect your TV to the Internet, well, preferably without wires - on Wi-Fi. Without an internet connection, probably a large part of the TV simply unavailable functions. You basically why buy TVs with Smart TV, that would watch online movies, install any applications and games, have access to different movies and photos that are on the computer, etc.

When I chose the TV, then immediately I looked away LG c Web OS (which we connect to the Internet in this article). But it so happened that bought Philips 43PUS7150 / 12 (model year 2015). Here we are now and it will be connected to the Internet. If you have a different model, then do not worry, there are almost all the same.

You of course should be set up Wi-Fi network. That is, the router that it distributes. Well, the internet via Wi-Fi to work. And TV should be in the radius of action of your home Wi-Fi network. Also, the TV must be integrated Wi-Fi receiver. Or, connected corporate, external adapter PTA128 / 00.

Connecting Philips (Android TV) to Wi-Fi

If in the process of tuning (when first turned on), you are not connected to the Internet, you can do this from the very Android TV settings. Turn on the TV and press on the remote control to the Home button.

Scroll to the very bottom, there will be installed. Select the wired and wireless networks.

Select the point wired or Wi-Fi, and click on the right arrow remote.

Select the point to Connect to the network ..

Next, select Wireless.

Please note that the TV Philips to Wi-Fi, you can connect without entering a password, but through the WPS, and WPS c pin-codes.


It works like this: select the item WPS, and on the router activate the WPS function of the special button, which is usually located on the device again housing. TV will connect to the router. After selecting the item c WPS pin-code, you will need to specify pin-code set on your router. If you do not change, it can be specified on the label from the bottom of the router

Choose a Wi-Fi network to connect.

Use the keyboard on the screen or on the remote control, enter the password to connect to your wireless network and press the green button (on the onscreen keyboard) to continue.

TV connects to the network. Click Finish.

That's all, you can use the Android TV. Open TV in the browser.

In the future, the television will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network.

If Philips TV is not connected to Wi-Fi

First, try restarting the router (just turn off and turn on the power).


Just make sure that you correctly specify the password for the wireless network connection. If you have forgotten your password, you can try to see the password on the computer or router settings. If you incorrectly enter a password, you will first be very long "hang" appears Connecting ...

And then, probably the inscription can not find the network will appear.


What else can I try to do: Change your password to a new 8-digit, change the channel your wireless network, reset the router's setup and configure it again. If the TV does not want to be connected to a wireless network, you can try connecting it to another network, if possible.

Additional wireless settings

By selecting the settings of wired and wireless networks in Android TV system, you can still set the static data (IP-address, DNS) for the network connection. It is enough to go to the tab Network Configuration and select Static IP-address. And then, on the Settings tab of the static IP-address to specify the desired settings.

But, in these settings without the need to better not to climb. If not connected, set DHCP back. It automatically obtain IP-addresses from the router.


Also, you can view the network settings to which you are connected. To do this, select the settings tab View network settings.

Also, you can completely turn off Wi-Fi on the Philips TV, and turn it back on. To do this, there is a point Wi-Fi On. / Off.


Powered Wireless internet is stable. When the TV is turned on, the network automatically connects. I think you all just happened, and everything works.