Review of Xiaomi Mi TV 3 Smart TV

The manufacturer Xiaomi has presented third generation of TV Mi TV. The novelty comes under the name of Xiaomi Mi TV 3. This TV is equipped with a 60 inch screen. The physical dimensions are staggering. The thickness of the TV Xiaomi Mi TV 3 total 11.6 mm (at the thinnest point of the TV top). The base size is 36.7 mm (bottom of the TV). This is made in Smart TV screen edging aluminum metal in a dark tone.

Xiaomi Mi TV 3
Xiaomi Mi TV 3

Convenient stand allows you to adjust the setting of the TV Xiaomi Mi TV 3 in a fairly wide range in spite of the fact that the screen is 60 inches. This solution is used in large panels of LG 4K for watching sports programs in the broad places. The color scheme of the TV is 85% of the standard NTSC, there MEMC compression.

The image on the TV screen  Xiaomi Mi TV 3 Smart TV 60 '- mesmerizing quality, Xiaomi tried in earnest. As the sound system of the TV set  Mi TV 3 2.5 inch subwoofers middle class, but it's enough to reproduce deep bass.

TV Xiaomi Mi TV 3 is a direct heir of the TV Xiaomi Mi TV 2S, which was announced this spring Xiaomi. The company introduced 49-inch Mi TV 2 in March 2015 and another earlier model with 40 inch Mi TV in May 2014. We all know the prices for the past model Xiaomi Mi - they are always different from its competitors in the best way.

What is the price of the TV news Xiaomi Mi TV 3? Xiaomi TV with a diagonal of 60 inch 4K Mi TV 3 Smart TV came with a price of $ 786 in China, which is more expensive than their previous models. But the price is less than all the other competitors.

Xiaomi Mi TV 3 will already be available in retail stores in China in the near future, however, the exact date of release is not known. Many shoppers today have assumed specific date October 19, 2015, but there was silence. Let's hope that Xiaomi announce it soon.

TV 3 Xiaomi Mi TV 60 "TV came out on the basis of Android 5.1 OS operating system. This model is, in essence, is the flagship Xiaomi Mi.

Of the innovations applied in TV Xiaomi Mi TV 3 it is that the TV processor itself (motherboard) MiTV mainboard is connected to the display via a special cable MiPort port. Thus, the possible modernization of the most MiTV mainboard without replacement of the TV display.

MiTV mainboard
MiTV mainboard

Housing motherboard TV Xiaomi Mi TV 3 contains dynamics; processor Cortex-A17; video processor Mali T760 GPU. 4K content played back at 60fps, with hardware decoding. The TV is available 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory for personal use. Integrated built-in wireless WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It should be pointed out that the motherboard TV Xiaomi Mi TV 3 is sold separately, and its price is about $ 157.

Main characteristics Mi TV 3:

  • Screen Size: 60 inches with resolution 4K.
  • Smart TV Next-gen.
  • MEMC - motion compensation.
  • TV processor - a processor Cortex-A17.
  • Video processor Mali T760 GPU.
  • 11.6 mm aluminum frame (ultra-thin).
  • 36.7 mm - the size of the base.
  • Main deck Mi TV 3:
  • Ability to convert a TV and a projector in Smart TV.
  • Speakers: built.
  • Housing: all metal.