Models of Panasonic TVs in 2017 with a resolution of 4K

Panasonic has confirmed its full line of TV 4K HDR 2017. It is known what will be the Panasonic 4K TV in 2017, and the one model will be different from others. Some TVs are markedly different from their counterparts in 2016. The manufacturer said that its lineup of 2017 is ready to satisfy any whim of the customer, from seeking "fancy" television with OLED panel, to the usual budget-seeking 4K TV with a diagonal of the fortieth. It is possible that besides television below, will also intermediate series. Thus, the range of 4K TVs from Panasonic in 2017.

Panasonic EZR1000 OLED

Panasonic EZR1000 OLED
Panasonic EZR1000 OLED

TV Panasonic EZR1000 with OLED panel is at the very top of the entire Panasonic 2017 line year. Such technologies from Panasonic were not in 2016. This series includes two models: Panasonic TX-65EZR1000 and Panasonic TX-77EZR1000 with screen diagonals of 65 and 77 inches. Besides OLED panel, flagship models have yet another innovation. This firm soundbar from Technics, which is attached to the base. The total capacity of the sound system is 80 watts.


The use of OLED panels in conjunction with the filter of absolute black (Absolute Black Filter) allows you to achieve deep black levels, which in turn gives a realistic picture of color and shades. Panasonic EZ1000 - is not the only series that uses OLED panel is among the models 2017, but more on that below. Televisions 1000 series are equipped with Smart TV system that provides reception of 4K content online.


All necessary interfaces are on board Panasonic EZR1000. With regard to the dynamic range, the model has support for HDR 10. TV is also prepared for the reception of signals in the HLG mode, but support for Dolby Vision in him.

Panasonic EZR950 OLED

Panasonic EZR950 OLED
Panasonic EZR950 OLED

Panasonic EZR950 - another model, which uses OLED panel. It may be called pseudo flagship. The fact that the available screen in the diagonal EZR950 equal to 65 and 55 inches. This Panasonic TX-55EZR950 and Panasonic TX-65EZR950. Since the model with 65-inch w occurs in both series, then, there are other differences. Here they are.


The manufacturer believes that the main difference EZR1000 from  EZR950 - the latest model in the absence of the so-called absolute black filter. Therefore, the model may not have much natural colors than EZR1000. But all this only from a theoretical point of view. Design TX-EZR950 OLED is also markedly different from the flagship model. The model is not equipped with the soundbar from Technics.


On the other hand, EZR950 is much cheaper. If the user already has a home theater, you have the option to save a good buying EZ950. Soundbar Absence makes the model "slimmer and more elegant." All the necessary connections (except for connections to the soundbar) in the TX-EZR950 the same as that of a leader. The same applies to the presence of HDR 10, HLG and the lack of support for Dolby Vision.

Panasonic EZR780

EZR780 Series is the eldest among the LED TVs from Panasonic in 2017. In the UK, this series goes under the Panasonic EZ750 marking. However, its parameters are slightly worse than those of last year's top-end LED DXR900 model. To achieve the best results among the LED TVs from Panasonic, will have to look for last year's TV Panasonic DXR900.


The main difference of these series use lateral lighting system, dynamic control which leads to improved outcomes. The series includes four screen sizes. This Panasonic TX-50EZR780, Panasonic TX-58EZR780, Panasonic TX-65EZR780, Panasonic TX-75EZR780. HDR mode is present. The main distinguishing feature of Panasonic EZR780 - availability of 3D technology. This is the only series of all Panasonic possessing this mode.


Another feature of this series is the design provides for the rotation and the rise of the screen. It has a central stand on four legs with a swivel mechanism. The angle of rotation can be changed depending on the room. However, such a setting have models with diagonals of 50, 58 and 65 inches. With regard to lifting of the TV screen, it is 4 fixed adjustment available for models with a diagonal of 50 and 58 inches.

Panasonic EZR700

Series Panasonic EZR700 below EZR780-th. Its parameters are almost the same, although there are some changes for the worse for the benefit of the lower price. The amendments concern the control of contrast, dimming the screen, tilt system. These values are somewhat lower than EZR780. However, the model has a system of local dimming that can emphasize particular contrasting scenes.


The series consists of four different TVs with diagonals: Panasonic TX-40EZR700, Panasonic TX-50EZR700, Panasonic TX-58EZR700, Panasonic TX-65EZR700. The design also has the ability to adjust the height and tilt, but instead of four fixed positions in EZR700 only two of them. The perimeter of the display is framed by a thin rim of brushed metal, which gives the model an elegant look. HDR mode is present.

Panasonic EZR600

The series is Panasonic Panasonic EZR600 2017 starting year for TVs with 4K resolution. This is one more step down with respect to parameters such as local dimming with active backlight control system. Almost the same values of these parameters are used in the Panasonic with a resolution of Full HD.


However, the user still receives advantages Ultra HD supporting HDR, which is also present, although at least a series of line 4K. EZR600 consists of four different TVs with diagonals: Panasonic TX-40EZR600, Panasonic TX-49EZR600, Panasonic TX-55EZR600, Panasonic TX-65EZR600.


The benefits, in contrast to television Full HD, the system provides the same pedestal that can change the rotation angle and elevation as in EZR700 model. The system was originally designed to be installed under the TV soundbar.


We have reviewed the Panasonic 4K TVs in 2017. In a more detailed form of each series, we will try to describe during 2017 on our website UltraHD, when the model 4K Panasonic TVs will be available in stores.