Sony KD-55XD8505

So, Sony began selling midrange TVs from Sony XD85 line. Indeed, on the official websites of Sony products, in particular in all European resources, there is information about the beginning of sales of Sony Smart TV 2016 TV lineup. Different models will enter the market with various specifications.

Sony KD-55XD8505
Sony KD-55XD8505

One of the first TVs that you can buy in Europe and Russia this TV Sony XD85 line (in the US lineup as the designated Sony X85D). This TV is average. The smallest model from Sony XD85 line, or rather diagonal TV, available on the market is the 55-inch TV Sony KD-55XD8505 Bravia.

Specifications Sony KD-55XD8505

If we look at the markings presented by the TV, it can be said that Sony XD85 belongs lineup 4K TV with Edge LED backlight matrix. TV is equipped with an "X1", which is responsible for processing an image, contrast and zoom. Earlier, last year, we got acquainted with the processor for other TV models from Sony producer. For us, it was not news.

image Processing

TV Sony KD-55XD8505, as earlier models, Triluminos equipped with technology that allows color rendering indices higher than Rec.709 standard. Triluminos has a processing system HDR10 (High Dynamic Range) video, which will be present in the new Blu-Ray UHD player. Handling highly dynamic scenes performed by using the tool MotionFlow XR.

External interfaces and speaker system

TV Sony XD8505 fully supports HEVC VP9 and decoding formats. Wireless communication is performed using the built-in wireless Wi-Fi adapter supports AC standard. Stereo sound system with an output of 2 x 10 watts. External connections - four HDMI ports with HDCP 2.2 and three USB ports for connecting external devices such as hard disk, or more memory.

Operating system and services

The new system has also been added to hide the cables. TV runs on Android TV operating system supports voice commands Control service Google Cast. Built-in dual terrestrial tuner DTT (European models available in different configuration for Russia).

Some data TVs Sony XD85 are shown in the table below: