Sony KD-55XE9305 with the processor X1 Extreme

XE93 is one of the fresh lines of Sony BRAVIA Ultra HD 4K LCD TVs. Unlike XE94 line, where fully applied massive blackout matrix in the model used edge LED backlight with local dimming zones. The KD-55XE9305 used 55-inch flat panel. Manufacturer Sony has equipped the model KD-55XE9305 known to us the processor X1 Extreme, which is used in Sony ZD9. Sony XE93 comes to replace last year's TVs Sony XD93.

Sony KD-55XE9305
Sony KD-55XE9305

New TVs not only support UHD resolution, but also contain a variety of standards specifications HDR. At the time of the start of sales will be available HDR 10, and the next time you update the HLG will support and Dolby Vision. The design is very similar to last year, except for some minor changes. Of the innovations can be noted for the latest version of the platform from Sony Android Smart TV.

Sony XE93 review


New TV with a diagonal of 55 XE93 uses a revised version of the backlight matrix applied in the past year. The difference is that now the backlight LEDs are arranged along the top and bottom edges of the screen, and not on the sides. Ruler XE93, as well as earlier models, is equipped with local dimming technology, but Sony assures that the image will be brighter and more juicy.

Accurate data is the manufacturer did not disclose. TV design as a whole is virtually the same as last year, but there are slight differences in the stand and the application of elements of the case. If you look at the body itself, the main difference is in the rear of the chassis.

Then applied a more natural and neutral color. Slightly modified the design of decorative panels to hide the wires connecting the external device. Available There are four HDMI ports, so the manufacturer has thought as a leaner and more beautiful to hide them.


XE93 line uses the processor X1 Extreme, which was established in last year's models, Sony ZD9. TV only supports HDR originally 10, but when you update the firmware will appear Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and Dolby Vision. X1 Extreme processor is able to cope well with HDR and 4K remastered.

«HDR Gaming» Mode XE93 TV will be available in the version of Android M (Marshmallow), and is updated to Android N (Nougat) the next time an update. We assume that it will be with the arrival of Dolby Vision. It is worth noting one feature in XE93. In contrast to last year's model, the Sony is uniquely curled, it ceases to produce TV sets with 3D images from the beginning of 2017.

Definitely evaluate image quality at CES was difficult, because the manufacturer always gives the visitors the most vivid and colorful videos. Therefore, the objective test, and results will be available after some time. In the context of the exhibition, Sony did not allow to carry out a short-term measurement of peak brightness and colors XE93 Sony.

The company clearly stated that the highest performance and most accurate picture to DCI-P3 and Rec.2020, so Sony XE93 is subject to additional tests. In the future, testing XE93 will be focused on the measurement of grayscale and color accuracy (both standard and HDR content), and the black levels of illumination uniformity, peak brightness, contrast, display of dynamic scenes and performance of content processing and Full HD below.

Dynamic scenes are handled technology Slim Backlight Drive +, CPU 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme is able to provide the user with a realistic image, the contrast is automatically adjusted X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology and wide range of colors is provided by the matrix TRILUMINOS.

Specifications of XE9305

  • Ultra HD screen resolution.
  • Dual tuner standard DVB T2, DVB S2 and DVB C2.
  • X1 Extreme processor.
  • Video Processing technology 4K X-Reality Pro.
  • Processing dynamic scenes MotionFlow XR1200 (1200Hz).
  • The refresh rate of 100 Hz native mode.
  • Function Triluminos RVB.
  • Technology X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro.
  • Certification Sony 4K HDR.
  • Certification Dolby Vision.
  • The image processing algorithm based on Object Based HDR remastered.
  • image processing function Dual Database.
  • Feature Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR.
  • Backlight matrix LED Edge Local Dimming Slim Backlight Drive.
  • Display Type Flat.
  • Updating the Smart TV operating system to Android 7.0.
  • Support network multimedia UPnP (DLNA).
  • Support du NTFS file system on a USB drive with the ability to play back files in MKV format.
  • NFC / Bluetooth compatibility and related functions Screen Mirroring when transferring various files.
  • Built-in Wi Fi adapter that is compatible with Miracast (MHL 3.0).
  • Supports HDCP 2.2.
  • Support HEVC playback at 2160p @ 60.
  • Four Port HDMI 2.0a.
  • Power consumption (max) 137 Watt.

Results of the review XE93

At the conclusion of the review XE93 Sony's worth remembering that in the past year the company has released a series XD93 HDR with super thin panel and superior performance. We will definitely consider this line of best. New television Sony KD-55XE93, without a doubt, has kept all the main characteristics of the previous model and in addition processor X1 Extreme specifications appeared HLG modes and Dolby Vision, which will work after flashing.