Samsung QN55Q8C - review (55 ", 65 ")

Q8 Series TVs from Samsung are the midrange among QLED Ultra HD 4K TV in 2017. Also in this series on the market will be present flagship TVs Samsung Q9 and Samsung Q7. Considered Q8 range is represented by two screen sizes. It 55Q8 with a diagonal of 55 inches and 65Q8 with 65 screen size.

Samsung QN55Q8C
Samsung QN55Q8C

It should say at once that QLED is not a new technology screens. As before, there is applied the matrix LCD using LED backlight technology and quantum dots (Quantum Dot) providing high peak brightness and an extended color gamut. The model supports HDR HDR standards 10 and HLG. The manufacturer says that the Ultra HD Premium certification from the UHD Alliance will host a TV.


In a series of applied corporate Q8C  360-degree design of the screen. Both are equipped with curved diagonal screen and a separate One Connect Box for connecting external devices and connect to the screen itself. In the new series of Samsung announces new Q Smart TV platform.


Since then, Samsung has decided not to use the numbering of models for different markets, thus it is assumed that the confusion is not. We offer an overview of Samsung QN55Q8C on our website for a common understanding of the concept of the new TVs. Some moments in Q8C characteristics have to clarify as soon as it appears on store shelves.

Samsung Q8C review

As we noted earlier, Q8 from Samsung uses a "unique» Q-Style in the external design of the TV. The so-called "360-degree" design provides the perfect viewing angle of the TV screen from any angle. Thin screen Samsung Q8 declared as frameless, but the brushed metal bezel around the screen is. In general, the appearance of the TV kurved-screen, as well as other models with a flat-screen TV in the same edging looks great.

Switch One Connect Box

The design used One Connect Box, a signal switch is already familiar to us on last year's models. In addition to the fiber-optic interface connecting the box itself with the TV screen, we find HDMI and USB interfaces, and other connectors. It is worth noting that the distance that can be removed from the One Connect Box is 5 meters of the screen.


Soon it will be available optional cable that allows you to remove the screen as much as possible from the switching box at distances up to 15 meters. Thus, television can be placed on any wall, and the switch to hide from prying eyes, but so that it "see" the remote control. In view of the fact that the thickness of the screen itself is low, then the TV mount wall Q8C preferred.

Edge LED, HDR 10 and HLG

The model uses the Q8 Edge LED lights (both flat and curved in models) used in the Ultra HD 4K LCD panels with local dimming. Through the use of Quantum Dot technology, the manufacturer was able to achieve the brightness level of 1500 nits. In this gamut is 100% DCI-P3 standard. Thus, Samsung Q8 surpassed the figure of 1,000 nit required for HDR TVs claim to Ultra HD Premium certification.


TV Samsung Q8C supports two standard HDR - HDR 10 and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma). Of the features we note that Samsung was the result of the modernization of processing the pixel structure of the matrix screen. Representatives of the state on the best playing of different colors on the screen. It is impossible to confirm or challenge, is not reliable data on laboratory tests.

Q Smart TV platform

Samsung introduced a new Q Smart TV platform, which is another modification of the Smart Hub. Smart Hub we know at last year's TVs, but supplemented by some functions. But it's not innovation. One of the important messages is that Samsung has added IR Blaster. This allows you to have One Connect Box "at least in the closet."


As mentioned, One Connect Box can be connected to the panel by means of a 5-meter optical cable that allows you to set your television to the desired location. Remote Control and One Controller also been reworked (Smart Remote Control - TM1790A). Familiar voice control feature has been available in its entirety, additional voice commands, you can control various devices in the home network.

As we see advertised Q Smart TV platform is not nothing but a Tizen 3.0. TV since the beginning of 2017 will be delivered with an updated version. How it works and arranged Tizen operating system, we briefly saw in previous articles on the resource UltraHD. What's to say in Tizen 3.0 is difficult. As soon as the TV will be on sale, and the new product will be tested, we will try to expose this issue.


But as earlier indicated, the basis of the GUI is a shell of Smart Hub, which is a separate application of the system itself. Access to Smart Hub is possible directly from the control panel, which is the same name button «Smart Hub» by One Controller.

Like last year, all devices connected to the switch, are automatically detected, and, if necessary, are configured through the One Controller. Using voice or through the remote control buttons you can easily select the desired 4K content providers or the most frequently viewed channels.


You can create multiple lists, from which you can then choose the necessary entertainment. It is possible to personalize the different areas of content, group or delete unneeded list items. The feature is not available Q8C 3D images, Samsung followed by other manufacturers removes from the 3D support the specification.


Matrix type - LED

Backlight - Edge LED

Screen Size - 4K Ultra HD

Size - 55 inches

Resolution - 3840 x 2160 pixels

Aspect ratio - 16: 9

As always, for all CES, is not a good opportunity to fully appreciate the quality of the image for the full program. Claimed peak brightness and color is not a proven fact stated by the manufacturer Q8C. However, as demonstrated by the Samsung, it struck a large number of visitors.


It was particularly noticeable improvement in color reproduction when a deviation from the main axis of the eye from the center of the screen that the TV with a curved array is an excellent indicator. This image contrast does not suffer. But for a full review of Samsung Q8 image characteristics require more detailed measurements in the laboratory.


Results grayscale, color accuracy when playing in both HDR standards, as well as the minimum and maximum black levels, viewing angle and the lighting quality will be available later. This is what we try to tell, adding this review.


Let's see what interfaces are available to connect different external devices to the TV Samsung Q8C. As you imagine, the TV is equipped with switching unit «One Connect Box». Remembering past models have three USB 2.0 and four HDMI 2.0 with support for ARC, CEC and the MHL protocol.


Ethernet RJ-45 port for standard cable to connect the Internet, in addition to the forest, integrated Wi-Fi adapter is 802.11a / b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth. The presence of Wi-Fi Direct function, and DLNA support as in all such TVs.


The antenna connector is standard, auxiliary input jack satellite dish made F-type. The presence of the optical digital output sound system provides the ability to connect an external speaker system, such as an AV receiver. RS232 interface (C) is used to service the TV service.

Audio system

The various sources of data found that the TV is equipped with a stereo system, 2 x 20 W (but there is a data output of 2 x 10 watts - this is specified). acoustic output of the system is built on 4.2 (CH), except it has support for Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Premium Sound 5.1.

Results of the review QN55Q8C

In conclusion QN55Q8C TV viewing from Samsung, we note that the manufacturer has put a lot of force to attract buyers. Exquisite appearance LED TV, in conjunction with the updated Smart TV operating system, a well-concealed One Connect Box and management through One Controller makes QN55Q8C convenient to install and use.


The TV producer increased its peak brightness, there is wide range of colors and increased the angle of the screen view. In addition, support is added to the specification HLG (except the usual HDR 10), which makes the model 55Q8C quite attractive among similar Ultra HD 4K TVs.


Despite the difference in value, especially for curved SUHD models, it can be assumed that the measured parameters are slightly different images. Thus, it is worth considering before buying QLED model 2017, and not rush to pre-order. If you try to buy only curved TV, the design, the quality of the image and the other innovations will not be such a difference in price from last year's TVs.


By the way, the expected price will exceed the Q9 series of Q7 and Q8. Recall that all three lines are equipped with backlit edges (Edge-lit) and the lack of 3D technology, as Samsung has notified in advance. It is worth noting that compared to the 2016 SUHD KS-series, this year from TV segment QLED definitely better able to reproduce the image, and the overall picture quality will be higher. Manufacturer emphasizes the increase in the viewing angle of the screen compared to SUHD models.