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Sharp Corporation - a Japanese corporation, electronics manufacturer.

Sharp Logo
Sharp Logo

History of Sharp Corporation began September 15, 1912, when a young¬† Tokudzi Hayakawa registered his company to repair hardware. For the office Hayakawa rented a small room in the center of Tokyo. He came up with a buckle for belts western style called "Tokubidz—Ď". In 1915, Hayakawa patented and launched the production of a mechanical pencil in the nickel package, which was positioned as "ever sharp", because they do not require sharpening. This gave later the name of the corporation. In September 1923, a pencil factory burned down in a fire. Restore factory Hayakawa have no strength, and he created a new pencil factory Hayakawa Metal Works in Osaka, where the present time is Sharp Corporation headquarters.

In 1925, Hayakawa saw in one of the radio shop, he decided to link their fate with radio production. On the radio the principles and fundamentals of electricity Hayakawa knew nothing, but decided to put radio on your own risk. In April of the same year he collected the first working radio, which was first given the name of Sharp. Having survived the difficult war and postwar years, Sharp has started to increase the release of Radio.

After the demonstration in 1926 in US television image Tokudzi Hayakawa simultaneously engaged in television technology. In 1951, the company has demonstrated the country's first working prototype of the television, and in 1952 entered into a licensing agreement with the American RCA Corporation. The first TV model wore marking Sharp TV3-14T.

In 1952 the company released its first washing machine and refrigerator. In 1961 the country's first microwave oven, the following year was put into mass production has been developed.

During its more than 80-year history of the Sharp Corporation have repeatedly called the "first", and not so much in business, but in the sphere of new technologies and inventions. Currently, Sharp is a wide network of branches, engaged in the production and marketing of products, as well as several large research centers and laboratories involved in the development of new technologies.

Production Corporation sphere of activity includes the production of household, office equipment, video electronics, information systems and electronic components.
President of the Corporation from March 2012 is Takashi Okuda.

The authorized capital of the corporation, as at 31 August 2001 is 204,153 million Japanese yen (1,660 million US dollars).

February 25, 2016 The Board of Directors approved the sale of the Taiwanese company Foxconn Technology Group for 700 billion yen ($ 6.24 billion).