Apple TV PDF User manual

What is Apple TV and why it is needed?

What is Apple TV? Even among those who have seen or kept in the hands of the small box, not everyone is aware of its purpose and possibilities. Some call this "black box" set-top box, the other - a multimedia player, and still others believe that it is designed for the synchronization of the TV, PC and mobile devices from Apple. All right, because it is, in fact - the multimedia processor with ample opportunities.

Apple TV 4
Apple TV 4

Why Apple TV is needed?

In short, Apple TV - is a gadget designed for broadcast on the television screen of the multimedia data from the iTunes Store and other Internet services, as well as from your iTunes library on your computer and mobile user devices. He is able to transform even the most simple TV in "smart," adding his smart-functionality. Namely:

  • access to a collection of high-quality video on the specialized resources;
  • access to a large pool of songs, podcasts, trailers, games, pictures, and so on. etc .;
  • the ability to output to a TV multimedia data from smartphones, tablets, the iPod players, as well as the home network of computers running Mac OS and Windows.

Play videos, images and sound using Apple TV can only streaming - the latest generation of devices can not be used for data storage due to the lack of high-capacity storage. Instead, the user is able to "rent" any copy of iTunes media collection, paying only for viewing.


The device is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi-adapter, which receives a signal from a home router and connect your TV to your wireless network, so do not need wires and any further connectors for communication between devices. It is enough to install on your computer and gadgets software to sync with the TV - and your collection will open the Display directly to the TV (AirPlay technology). Manage the data you will be able to remote control, which is included in Apple TV package, or use a smartphone instead. In addition, the remote control can serve you a "mouse" to control the computer.


Features Apple TV in terms of performance are pretty good: without any delay even playing "heavy" video of Full HD and HD-quality multi-channel sound. This is achieved by Apple A5 fast processor, and flash memory of 8 GB, used as a buffer of streaming data.

How to connect Apple TV to your TV

Virtually all modern TV sets equipped with the HDMI input, through which the connection is made and multimedia consoles. Cable, however, set in there, so it has to be bought separately. There is another way to connect - via a component cable (video and audio).

The back side and connectors.
The back side and connectors.

To put Apple TV in action, connect it to the TV and plug it into the mains. Take the remote control to make some initial settings, and then connect to the Internet, you will be able to enter under your account in iCloud. All further action familiar to owners of Apple-devices that are familiar with the "apple" services. This, you might say, how to connect the console to the TV is completed.


Even in modern audio device can be connected using fiber optic cable. To this end, it provides a connector Toslink.