Sony KD-55SD8505 - TV for romantics

Sony SD85 - new Ultra HD TV, with a spherically curved screen, a variety of technological "bells and whistles" (for the best 4K HDR images) on the basis of Android TV.

4K Ultra HD resolution allows you to see the smallest details of the image compared to Full HD, even if you use a local increase of the image function.

HDR Technology

Increasing the contrast ratio and the color palette of the image. HDR specification provides greater transparency and visual depth images than conventional HD content.

Standard UHD Alliance

Group television brands, broadcasters and producers of films that set UHD Premium standard. Sticker «UHD Premium» on the device confirms the high image quality 4K High Dynamic Range. These include: LG, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros, and Technicolor.


Scaling 4K Upscaling you can play on the TV screen 4K video from any source of lower quality.

LED Backlight

LCD LED-backlit illumination has hundreds of small LEDs for illumination of the matrix, thereby reducing the weight of the device and the power consumption. Perhaps this is the most common type of screen at the moment.

Smart TV function

All modern TVs allow for streaming online content. Additionally installed applications allow the user to use the TV, not only for watching TV programs.

Sony 55SD850
Sony 55SD8505

Android TV platform

Familiar to all of the mobile phone operating system from Google - a familiar interface and ease of use. Free apps in Google Play, Google Cast and Netflix.

The refresh rate of the screen and a pixel response time

The higher the frequency, the image looks more "smooth", a short pixel response time allows higher quality display high-motion scenes on the TV screen.

Freeview HD service

More than 60 digital TV channels, 25 radio stations and 12 channels in HD, and it's all absolutely free!

Service Youview

About 70 digital TV channels, broadcasting room and a huge library of movies.

dual tuner

Lets look different transmission on a split screen at the same time, or to record a second channel on the external media.

Wireless Wi-Fi network


It allows you to connect to a TV mobile devices, smart phones, computers, tablets and others for content sharing and access to the global network.


Integrated DLNA server


Digital Living Network Alliance allows all video and audio devices in the home network to use shared resources, that is, to watch and listen to all supported media content devices.


Wireless connections


Various wireless technologies, for example, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and DLNA allow Sony SD85 TVs immerse themselves in the world of entertainment without wires.

Deep colors in HDR


From the beginning, High Dynamic Range (HDR) is applied in all advanced TVs. Sony Television are among the first to use this technology for image processing. This means that is now available to more than a billion individual colors on the TV screen. The Sony SD85 TVs tremendous precision and perfection of the image.


Upscaling and 4K X-Reality PRO is available with the new processor.

In TVs Sony Bravia SD85 uses technology 4K X-Reality PRO and a new processor X1. It allows you to perfectly convert 1080p Blu-ray Disc content in 4K video. After analyzing and comparing each pixel with the given parameters is compressed and transfer data to the screen. The system is completely reduces image noise and optimizes the image for contrast, color and brightness.




Sony uses a new display technology TRILUMINOS. It expands the color range that is on LED displays looks amazing.

Tremendous flexibility


Sony SD85 curved screen gives a spectacular effect on the viewer. Improved viewing angles, which ultimately helps reduce glare.


Motion Clarity


With the use of technology Motionflow XR 1000Hz any picture becomes clearer when displaying highly dynamic scenes. Any sports programs and action are now reproduced without fading and artifacts.


Super smart OS Android


Your Smart TV is now even smarter thanks to the Android operating system. Google developers have been able to realize a seamless entertainment system in the new Sony SD8505 TV. Favorite Google Play services and Netflix is now at your fingertips. All personalization features and entertainment for your smartphone or tablet can be easily viewed on a large screen TV - a new level ..

Specifications KD-55SD8505 and KD-65SD8505

3D Image no.

3D technology is not applied.

Accessories included power cord to the battery panel (R03), IR remote control to control voice commands (RMF-TX200E).

Quality Dolby Digital audio system.

Curved screen.

Digital tuner Freeview HD and YouView.

Dimensions with Stand (for 55 ") 77,2 × 123,8 × 26,2 cm.

DLNA support.

Class A. Power Saving

The hard drive is not built.

Support for HDR.

Preparation Internet Ready Yes, integrated Wi-Fi adapter.

Names of models from KD55SD8505BU manufacturer, KD65SD8505BU.

NFC technology is not support.

The number of digital tuners - two.

The operating system is Android TV.

Image resolution 4K Ultra HD.

Ports: four HDMI, three USB 2.0, one SCART.

Power consumption 155 kW / h (max).

Power consumption of 0.50 watts of standby time.

Refresh rate of 1000 Hz.

screen resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels (at 4K).

Available screen diagonal 55 and 65 inches.

Smart TV function.

Output power audio system 20 watts.

Stand for installation on the table (cabinet).

Setting different timers.

Screen Type of matrix LED.

Angle 178/178 degrees viewing screen.

Screen Size field 138,8cm for models with a diagonal 55.

TV Weight with Stand 24.7 kg for models with a diagonal 55.