Tizen OS 3.0 Smart TV from Samsung

Tizen OS 3.0 - what's new and what has changed unlike Tizen 2.4? Since early 2017, the operating system Tizen 3.0 will not receive any significant changes. As we know, this OS is used by Samsung TVs. According to the manufacturer, the existing interface will be updated a little, the manufacturer updated the sets of TV sets with new remote controls, added an updated application to manage smartphones, integrated the Stream Link operating system and expanded the smart hub.

Tizen OS 3.0-Smart TV Samsung
Tizen OS 3.0-Smart TV Samsung

Tizen 3.0 Review

Tizen OS 3.0 for the Samsung 2017 as a platform for Smart TV. Most companies that produce Smart TVs, praise them not for the first year. This applies not only to 4K models, but also to the same FullHD. The main task of any Smart TV is to watch video content using streaming (streaming) and the ability to install additional entertainment applications.


In 2017, virtually all world leaders in the production of television technology have updated their operating systems in their models, not intending to develop something new. Samsung's 2017 is the third for Tizen OS. However, now this is not called Tizen 3.0, as the manufacturers write in the characteristics.


The company has reworked the trend and is now considering broadcasting and streaming services as equal. For example, there used to be a separate DirecTV application for streaming (but it was a long time ago, by today's standards). But even now, along with the capacity of the Smart TV platform, there are "external" applications that provide streaming content, like in 2016.

Remote Control

In 2017 the company demonstrated a metal remote control for new models QLED and LCD. The buttons that are used in it most often will be slightly elevated to improve tactility and to simplify navigation without visual searching. The first impression of the new remote is that it is quite convenient.


The remote control is supposed to be supplemented with a new version of Smart View for smartphones. With this technology, you can transfer to Netflix, find the desired transfer or connect it wirelessly to a TV, Apple or Google Chromecast.


Applications and the TV itself can be configured to display various notifications of the beginning of any broadcast. In addition, Samsung allows applications to control the general functions of the TV in the quality tuning area. But to be honest, we saw similar things in earlier versions of Tizen.


A console with applications can control various devices connected to HDMI ports. With the help of wireless communication, the recognition of the connected devices to the TV occurs in automatic mode. At the annual CES 2017 Samsung announced the constant expansion of the base of compatible devices. This concept was called "One Remote" because of this - all in one.

Multiplexer connections - One Connect Box

Three series of Samsung Q9, Q8 and Q7 TVs are now equipped with the "One Connect" communication device.


The multiplexer itself is connected to the TV by one single cable. Naturally, the power cable to the TV must be connected. The flagship Samsung Q9 is equipped with a fiber optic to connect to the box "One Connect".


The manufacturer of Samsung repeats itself in the name "One Connect", but now there is no possibility to update the multiplexer with different Evolution Kit from the beginning of 2017. This will definitely not please the majority of buyers who took the advertising campaign and bought previous models of Samsung TVs in the hope of saving a penny on the Samsung Evolution Kit. By the way, Samsung in the USA has already made a confession about the violation of the promise and provides compensation to the customer who bought the TV in 2013.

Advantages of Tizen 3.0

What are the differences between Tizen 3.0 and Tizen 2.4? Since the beginning of the year Samsung has added three new options - Music, Sport and TVPlus. The principle of applications is based on the integration of broadcasts on one given topic into one user interface. But we note that Sport application will function correctly only in the USA, while Music is available in full for the European continent and South Korea.


TVPlus service opens access to films and TV shows. In addition to the known streaming resources, Samsung anticipates future collaboration with FandangoNow, Funke and Rakuten - these are European streaming services. In order for TVPlus to work, you need to select one of the countries of Europe in the settings. As expected, the service will be available both in the US and in Europe from April 2017.


Another plus: the models from 2017 will receive the function of "Steam Link". For those who do not know, this is a gaming platform similar to the Steam platform for PCs. Thanks to "Steam Link" you can play computer games on a huge TV screen, but for this you need to constantly turn on your PC in the home network and the presence of a Bluetooth game controller (joystick or something like that).

Will the firmware update Tizen 3.0 last year's Samsung TVs?

In conclusion of the review Tizen 3.0 as a new operating system Smart TV from Samsung 2017 it is worth noting that all these new options will be available only in new TVs. Last year's models of this support will not receive. Also, it is not known whether there will be any "upgrade by air" to Tizen 3.0 TVs of older models.


Nevertheless, there is a planned integration of Samsung TVs into everyday life. The manufacturer does not see the need to move to another OS, the updated Tizen has no backtracking. Samsung TV 2015 will not get a firmware update for Tizen OS 3.0. That is, in these TVs, the consumer will not get the interface that is available on TVs in 2016 or 2017.


The current interface of Tizen 3.0 UI is intuitive and almost identical to previous versions. The company focuses on ease of use, instead of cluttering the interface with additional features that we can observe from other manufacturers.