Sharp 65N9000U

TV 65N9000 is 4K UHD, the image quality on a solid four, black levels of tone and saturation of colors is excellent. Zoom and 1080p HD 720P processed processor scaling Revelation, which provides a good level of detail. You understand that this feature is currently most in demand on the market 4K TV due to the limited number of real-UHD content.

The technology of quantum dots

TV Display Technology Sharp N9000 is made on the basis of quantum dots (Quantum Dot). In this review, we will not repeat what's inside the quantum dots on the display and how it is better or worse in comparison with other types of matrices. We offer to remember and SUHD OLED technology and compared with Triluminos displays to understand. The advantage of the technology is a wider color gamut (more colors) from Nano Crystal Displays. This is especially noticeable on the clean green and yellow tones.

Availability of HDR

Emphasis on TVs 2016/2017 model years made on HDR. HDR technology allows you to expand the range of colors that can display the LCD screen. This applies in particular to the case of the image brightness. Increases contrast images appear natural deep tones. Instead of trite to increase the brightness of the image as a whole, the real purpose of HDR technology to increase the contrast in certain parts of the image.

The improvements relate to the bright parts of the image by comparing the dark fragments, the contrast level is automatically adjusted for the formation of a juicy picture. HDR technology still has two standards.

Note that in this model the manufacturer declares support HDR (not HDR10). Members note that the colors and black levels on the screen when Sharp N9000 deviation from the center of the screen by 18 degrees begin to deteriorate, and the brightness level is in a good range. Perhaps this is one of the downsides of this model.

Both models have N9100U N9000U and darkening the screen matrix. This technology improves the image contrast on the edges of the elements. Due to matrix processing (240 dimming zones), the contrast is automatically adjusted to the right of the screen. For screen sizes between 65 inches and above, this specification is a must. This technology is not any innovation, and it is familiar to us from other models. Thus, it is for ordinary N9000U solution.

Wallpapers mode

Perhaps this is an interesting fact, which the manufacturer claims. In other TVs we have not seen or omission was in the brochures. In this model, there is a mode "Wallpaper" for fans. Sharp says that «Wallpaper Mode» allows the user to choose any beautiful image and set it as the wallpaper on the screen.

The image will always be displayed on the screen, even if the TV is off (standby). The manufacturer claims that this mode will not consume a lot of electricity, and the brightness of the picture is saved "at the museum." This, of course, will not increase the sale of the TV, but it's a great idea for parties.

Specifications 65N9000U

Screen size 64.5 inches
Type LED LCD panel
screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels
Brightness 420 nits
Contrast 4000: 1
Dynamic contrast ratio 8000000: 1
The delay time of 6.5 ms
Refresh rate of 120 Hz
The angle of the screen 178 ° x 178 ° wind horiz
Accepted standards ATSC, NTSC, QAM
Built-in TV tuner
Stereo Sound System
Output Power 30 Watt
Input / Output 1x RF antenna input
1x RCA component input
1x RCA stereo (L / R) audio input
4x HDMI port
1x TOSLINK optical audio output
2x USB 2.0
1x USB 3.0
1x 3,5 mm headphone output
1x Ethernet RJ-45 LAN port
Built-in Wi-Fi adapter
Menu languages English, Spanish, French etc.
Remote control Remote Control Standard
Power consumption 120..240 V, 50..60 Hz
Consumption Consumption 280W
In standby mode <1.0 W
Dimensions 144,5 x 87,6 x 28,7 cm
Weight 30.03 kg

As is clear from the characteristics of the table, the model N9000 series is QD, 4K and compatible with HDR. But this does not mean that the TV can play HDR10 or Dolby Vision standard, despite the fact that TV is 10-bit. The model is equipped with a Smart TV, which serves as the OS shell that is not any of the operating system itself. Available streaming content through some applications. An example can be Netflix, Amazon or You Tube.

Access to the World Wide Web provides a built-in wireless Wi-Fi adapter. The TV has a built-in web browser and player. For those who like to use a large screen as a computer monitor, we note that the input video signal delay time of 6.5 ms. Such indicators can only be found in the middle category of TVs Samsung, LG or Vizio.

Results of the review 65N9000U

In conclusion 65N9000U review by Sharp note key features. Despite a decent cost, the model should not "throw" of the attention. The availability of 3D technology now rarely seen in TV 2016 release. The presence of the HDR support, the technology of quantum dots and the screen 10-bit color depth, all this allows the user to enjoy the quality of the image on a huge 65-inch screen. A small time-lag INPUT allows you to use a huge screen as a monitor or a great time with the game console in their hands. For fans of Sharp is a real find.