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BenQ Logo
BenQ Logo

BenQ Corporation - Taiwan-based company for production of computer equipment and electronics. In 2007, the company announced the renaming Qisda ( «Quality Innovation Speed Driving and Achievements»).


Under the brand BenQ will produce mobile phones, Joybook notebooks, monitors and some other products, and the newly created Qisda will be engaged in the production of LCD monitors, multifunction peripherals and the OEM-production. Thus BenQ brand is wholly owned by Qisda. Introduction of a new brand is not provided.


In fact, there was a division of the company business in the OEM / ODM-business (production of components and products for third-party brands) and brand-to-business (under the BenQ brand name products for sale).

Benq XL2411T
Benq XL2411T

The company emerged in December 2001, when the concern Acer has announced the allocation of their Acer Communications & Multimedia division into a separate company under the name BenQ. The name reflects the company's strategy and is derived from the words: Bringing Enjoyment and Quality.


President of Acer, Stan Shih explained the separation of BenQ for the convenience of the partners and customers, which is much easier to work with two independent companies.


Acer became involved in the development of system solutions, and BenQ - production of consumer goods.


In 2006, Acer is fully sold shares of BenQ.

There are three directions of BenQ.


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The first direction - Display Technologies. The company is engaged in the production of monitors and projectors. BenQ - first presented in 2004 an LCD monitor with a 2 ms response time.


The second direction - electro-optical peripherals: scanners, printers, digital cameras, disk drives, and so on..

BenQ SW2401PT
BenQ SW2401PT

The third area - communications equipment: mobile phones and network equipment.


In 2005, the concern Siemens AG has decided to sell Siemens Mobile - Communication Unit of the Department in charge of the production of mobile phones - in connection with the unsatisfactory financial results. The division was acquired by the company BenQ BenQ Mobile GmbH & Co. OHG. It was planned for some time to produce phones under the BenQ-Siemens brand, and later under the BenQ brand, but in September 2006 the German offices of BenQ Mobile GmbH & Co. OHG announced the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings.