Philips 65PUS7601 involving three side backlit

It is believed that full support for HDR video content can be obtained in televisions, using fully localized massive blackout. This conclusion came after comparison testers of different HDR-compatible TV sets 2016 model year. To achieve deep black color is necessary to closely monitor local dimming zones or use a matrix OLED technology, where it is possible to control each pixel.

FALD LED TVs are on the European market. The review 65PUS7601 from Philips will try to cover it. The model, of course, has a screen resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels and is equipped with backlit matrix Full-Array LED. It is the marketing name producer "Micro Dimming Premium", as a special case «Direct LED». Philips PUS7601 models have a tripartite backlight Ambilight, HDR support, and operating system Android TV. Just like Samsung, 3D feature is not supported in 2016.

Review of Philips 65PUS7601

Philips 65PUS7601
Philips 65PUS7601

Why review Philips 65PUS7601 could not be included in the Philips 65PUS7600? What is the difference almost identical lines of Philips PUS7601 and Philips PUS7600? In short - it's different models, which differ in some important parameters. More about this later.


You can definitely say that the TV 65PUS7601 is a continuation of last year's model 65PUS9600, which was presented at IFA 2015. But Philips 7601 range in the Russian market is represented by only one model with a diagonal 65-inch screen. Its price was 2350 euro at the beginning of the start of sales.


TV 65PUS7601 has an attractive design. Perhaps this is one of the most beautiful models of the manufacturer. Slim and stylish metal frame borders the screen, the frame corners are rounded. Backlight logo on the bottom of the screen can change its brightness to zero. Two chrome legs gracefully complement the TV stand. They are closer to the edges of the screen.


TV chassis looks harmoniously, is felt in every design reliability. LEDs tripartite backlight Ambilight located on the perimeter of the cabinet. Build quality is not satisfactory.


Model Philips PUS7601 comes with a two-way remote control. Such panels we've seen in PUS8601 series. On one side of the remote is QWERTY keyboard. The touch pad on the remote is not very high quality in terms of tactile sensations. By the way, it is possible to disable the touch pad on the remote control.

TV 65PUS7601 remote control
TV 65PUS7601 remote control


Black level and contrast

LCD TV panel Philips 65PUS7601 able to reproduce excellent black levels. Even without further treatment, black level of local dimming depth may reach 0,034 cd / m2 on the raster field 4 × 4 ANSI, in a dark room black level at 120 cd / m2 is sufficient.


The main feature of the Philips 7601 LED TVs among 2016 is the presence of FALD blackout matrix. This feature can be enabled for advanced image processing through the TV menu. When activated, the functions become available black levels from 0.016 to 0.018 kdd / m2 (Contrast Mode mode).

image Dynamics

The TV 65PUS7601 / 12 has two functions, responsible for the image quality of the output of dynamic scenes. This Perfect Natural Motion and Clear LCD. frame interpolation mode is available in three levels: Off - correction are minimal, Minumum eliminates the artifacts with content 24p, Max - the largest anti-aliasing. Use these settings (switching them alternately) when viewing content scaled 1080p / 24 to determine the best image quality.

Support and adjustment of HDR

65PUS7601 model is the first model of the manufacturer is fully supported by HDR video. After the software update 65PUS8601 this feature has also become available.


For proper playback and metadata definition HDR content, some parameters must be activated in the settings menu. For TV Philips PUS7601 in HDMI Ultra HD Settings menu for each port you need to select the submenu General settings, further UHD mode is 4: 4: 4/4: 2: 2. Remember, this is only available for two HDMI1 and HDMI2 ports.


Once determined support HDR mode, the bottom of the screen displays the Signal icon HDR (he then disappears). After calibration, the peak brightness of the image in the Philips 7601 series reaches 517 nits.

Game Mode and Video Mode Delay

In contrast to last year's models of Philips, the new TVs have been improved in terms of minimizing the input delay time. The range for 7601 to the manufacturer in the mode Game Mode is INPUT-lag of 40 ms. When tested in HDR Game mode games Gears of War 4, the delay time of the input video was for Philips PUS7601 only 38 ms.


Of all available interfaces will not say - it is in the table Philips 65PUS7601 characteristics. What should also be noted, in the model of the four available HDMI. Ports HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 can operate in a mode of 3840 × 2160 @ 60Hz with support for HDCP 2.2, and the other two HDMI 3 and HDMI4 only at 3840 × 2160 @ 30Hz with HDCP 1.4, do not forget about it.

Philips 65PUS7601 and 65PUS7600 differences

Returning to the differences  65PUS7601 and 65PUS7600. At first glance, the two similar models of TVs, but if you look carefully, you can see the difference not only in the image, but also in other settings.


The first difference is the type used by the backlight matrix. For this PUS7601 Direct LED, and Edge-LED applied to the opponent (edge lights).

The second - the brightness of the image. For PUS7601 brightness at 700 cd / m2 for PUS7600 brightness determined by the manufacturer of 400 cd / m2. Image interpolation index in the model 2600 PPI (Picture Performance Index), a competitor PUS6700 - 1400 PMR (Perfect Motion Rate).


Handling content in this model, the processor SoC MediaTek MT5993, a competitor - Marvell Berlin Gen-2-Q4K. It is worth recalling that PUS7600 can convert content into 3D images, so these models are equipped with a pair of active 3D glasses «3D active glasses».

USER MANUAL For Philips 65PUS7601

Philips 65PUS7601 - User Manual
Philips 7000 series 4K Ultra Slim TV powered by Android TV™ 65PUS7601 164 cm (65") 4K Ultra HD LED TV Quad Core, 16GB & expandable DVB T/C/T2/T2-HD/S/S2 with Ambilight 3-sided and Perfect Pixel Ultra HD
Philips 65PUS7601 - User Manual.pdf
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