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Polaroid Corporation - an American company engaged in the manufacture of photographic equipment and consumer electronics (LCD-TVs, portable DVD-players, digital photo frames). The most widely known as a developer and manufacturer of Photo Pack instant film and cameras for filming on the sets. Polaroid has been so closely associated with the concept of instant photography that his brand has long been used to refer to the technology itself and the pictures that were called "Polaroid". 

History of Polaroid

The founder of Polaroid, Dr. Edwin Land, was born in 1909 in Bridgeport (Connecticut). His grandparents Solomonovich emigrated to the US from the Russian Empire in the 1880s. From early childhood, Edwin Land had experimented with light, kaleidoscope and stereoscope, which allowed him to already in 1929, while a student at Harvard University, to develop and construct the world's first polarizing material for commercial use. 

He was the first who used the principles of polarization in many consumer products: table lamps, 3D-glasses, LCD screens for calculators and computers, and, finally, sunglasses. According to the number of patents for inventions - 535 - Dr. Edwin Land was second only to Thomas Edison. For contribution to the development of Russian science in 1963 Edwin Land was awarded the highest US civilian award - the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Polaroid P55D600
Polaroid P55D600

Company Polaroid was founded in 1937, and the first pair of sunglasses was sold in the late 1930s. Demand grew, and soon the products Polaroid crossed the border of Europe and Asia. In 1948, the company produces a Polaroid camera that immediately after the shooting give the finished picture. For this company produced special machines and special tape to them. The cassette contains a photographic material or a combination of the photographic materials and reagents that give a positive result in the picture on a paper substrate. That is, this invention has made the company well-known, but more important still is the invention of X-ray film [citation needed 1318 days], night vision device, thermal and so on. E., It was during this productive period, the company He has earned the title of "factory of inventions." The peak of popularity came in the company's cameras 1980-1990-ies. From 1977 to 1979, the company produced and handle of film format Super 8 (Polavision), and c 1983 - the same 35-mm photographic film draws Polachrome. By 2000, the company's products has ceased to compete with digital photography.

In October 2001, Polaroid launched its first bankruptcy. During the year, then most of the Polaroid business was sold to the company's Imaging Corporation, owned by Bank One.


In 2003, the company entered the consumer electronics market and started to produce portable DVD-players and LCD-TVs.


In April 2005, the company acquired a Polaroid PGW for 426 million dollars from the company's Imaging Corporation.


Company Polaroid December 19, 2008 filed for bankruptcy, having resorted to the 11th article, the US bankruptcy law. In the company said that the bankruptcy of a technical nature and Polaroid will continue to work, and the 11-th article will allow the company to carry out financial restructuring.

Polaroid 55PC5000
Polaroid 55PC5000

In January 2009, the company showed a digital camera «Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera» at CES 2009. A distinctive feature of this model is built in it a color printer. Thus, the company is trying to revive interest in instant photography in the digital age.


January 5, 2010 became creative director of Polaroid singer Lady Gaga, and in January 2011 was presented the first fruits of their collaboration - a new range of Polaroid Grey Label and the first product in this series - a portable printer Polaroid GL10.


In 2012, Polaroid returned to the Russian market with new instantaneous cameras - Polaroid Z340 and Polaroid PIC300, as well as a pocket printer Polaroid GL10 mentioned above.


22 December 2014 65% of the company Polaroid were sold for only $ 70 million. Buyer greatness rests Polaroid became Pohlad American family from Minnesota, which owns Marquette Companies Investment Fund.