Review of the TV Toshiba 42L7453RB

Through an exhaustive arsenal of connectors can be connected to any equipment. Whether it's a tablet, laptop or gaming console. This device meets all the necessary functions of modern TV.

Reasonable cost Toshiba 42L7453RB - combines a lot of "nice" functions

Toshiba 42L7453RB
Toshiba 42L7453RB

Magic design

Practical solution provided in the "minimalist" style. Display "dressed" in a gorgeous dark-colored plastic, fitted with a metal stand.

The reflection of reality on the screen

The device is equipped with a Matrix 42 "IPS- Full HD, in the off-axis - the colors do not lose their brightness. Screen pleasing contrast and realistic transfer is happening. Built-in CEVO Picture, copes with his work. Equipped with a variety of modes, such as "the Hollywood Daily," "Microcosmos", "Dynamic" provide a wide range of possibilities for high-quality viewing programs, movies, and games. Smart feature allows you to optimize the settings for a specific environment. The picture quality is maintained, even during action scenes. There is a possibility of 3D viewing - a passive way.


Transparent labeling provides the convenience of remote control operation

Sound design

The speakers are located below, they quietly outside. TV has a good sound for its class, good indicators of volume and the absence of whatever distortions. During the session, it can be heard clearly actors, music videos played convincingly.

Connection options

The model provides a variety of standard connectors, including the HDMI 4x, 1x the LAN, video input D-Sub and Toshiba 42L7453RB. By a special privilege to connect this device include the ability to connect to a PC - without the "preciousĀ» HDMI interface.


Functional Smart-TV surprises with its power. Built-in web-browser, with support for OSes CloudTV, it gives you access to popular channels: YouTube, Tvigle and others.

Data storage

Special disk drive Toshiba STOR.E ALU KIT, enclosed in a special aluminum housing. It attaches securely to the back of the TV. The drive provides an opportunity to support the USB 3.0 interface. thereby providing a high speed data processing. It is convenient to record a video content, as well as working with any other kinds of information.