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Hi! On this page you can download PDF manual for such Hisense TV as: 24in F33 (24F33)Q, 24in F33 (24F33)M, 75in ULED Series 7 (75M7000UWD) M, 75in ULED Series 7 (75M7000UWD) Q, 40in K20P (40K20P)M, 65in K321 (65K321UW) M, 40in D50 ( 40D50P ), Qб40in D50 ( 40D50P ) M and other.

About Hisense

Hisense Company owned research and development centers, bureaus and innovation lab computer and digital state-level technology, which produced over 860 technical discoveries and improvements. Branches research centers are located in several provinces of China, as well as in South Africa, the United States and the Netherlands. Plants and Hisense production base located in China, South Africa, Hungary and France, and the company's products are exported to more than 100 countries.

Hisense - one of the largest corporations in China, specializing in the design and manufacture of electronics and high-tech products. Starting with the opening of Qingdao Radio Plant in 1969, Hisense company has reached the level of one of the leaders of the global electronics industry. Hisense has long been firmly entrenched in the market of household appliances, telecommunications equipment, and the development of high-tech products. So, already in 2007, Hisense had revenues of $ 6.7 billion, after which the company is among the ten largest corporations in China related to electronics.

Products manufactured by Hisense exempt from compulsory examination by the Chinese government, which confirms their highest quality. All products Hisense - plasma TVs, air conditioners, refrigeration equipment, computers and mobile phones - are sold not only in the Chinese market, but also on the markets of Asia, America and Europe. For a long time the brand was not well known in Eastern Europe. These times are.

Hisense K360

Hisense K360 is made in the standard form factor and like most 32-inch TVs. TV mounted on a sturdy stand made of glossy plastic. Bottom left is the power indicator, and an infrared sensor to control with the remote control is placed on the opposite side. In the center of the lower edge of the manufacturer's logo is located, and just below is a graceful display with white backlight.

Hisense K360
Hisense K360

The rear panel of the device is made of matte plastic practical. In the center of the rear panel are VESA Mounting 100? 100 mm in which the TV is easily mounted on the wall. There, on the rear panel, the control panel is available with the possibility of quick access to the settings, switch channels and adjust the volume. At the bottom of the case there are two dynamics at 7 watts each and a power button.

Ports and connectors are located on the left side edge. There are two ports USB 2.0, three HDMI interface, VGA port, two blocks of composite connectors, one block component interface, 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as connectors for coaxial cable antenna. Power supply and power cord built into the TV.

Hisense K360 is equipped with LED-backlit display and a 32-inch display with anti-reflective coating. Matrix used different natural colors and a wide viewing angle, which is 170 °. The display resolution is 1366 768 pixels, the aspect ratio is 16: 9, the maximum brightness reaches 350 cd / m2, and the display refresh rate is at 60 Hz.

Manage TV is easy: Hisense engineers have developed a friendly user interface that even a child will cope.

Hisense K360 supports video, photos and music from a USB-drive. We note in particular the regular remote control: it is made of matte plastic, it fits comfortably in the hand, and all the keys are comfortable and thoughtfully.